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Final Fantasy 14 Online — 2024 Dev Update Includes Big Content and Service Plans

It’s officially 2024 and the team behind Final Fantasy 14 Online is looking into the next decade of service and content.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has wished all online players a happy new year in a recent blog update. Fan Festival 2024 is the next big event for the team and they are looking into how to make the Tokyo end of the tour memorable for Final Fantasy fans. That doesn’t mean the team has forgotten about FFIV Online of course.

Said Yoshida: “And even though the venue is the magnificent Tokyo Dome, you can expect the same sort of FFXIV shenanigans we always deliver!”

What’s Ahead For Final Fantasy XIV Online?

The 10th anniversary of FFXIV’s rebirth has gone and passed. Now, the team is looking into the “next ten years of service.” Yoshida said that Warriors of Light from across the globe have been following the journey so far and he wants to reward long-time players with even more communication as the game expands.

All classes in Final Fantasy 14

“This next step is a big one, full of brand new challenges, and I am personally excited to see everyone experience what we have in store this coming year!” he wrote.

An image of a handwritten letter was then shared. It states it’s written by an “explorer” but no name is given. While it’s a bit mysterious, the letter hints at what’s to come in 2024 and beyond.

“The saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark has reached its conclusion, and the stage is now set for new tales of adventure. As the explorer writes, the journey ahead lies to the west, and only time will tell what the coming months and years will bring!” Yoshida said.

With their eye on some big storylines, developers know “challenges abound.” Balancing the new content with overhauling “ten years’ worth of graphic development” and making improvements to long-term service is a big task. However, the team intends to tackle the obstacles with “deliberate thoroughness.”

Yoshida noted that Final Fantasy 14 Online is a journey and the team hopes to take it alongside their Warriors of Light.

“Everything we do is for everyone to enjoy,” he wrote. “All of us together.”

What Is Heavensturn in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

Havensturn is an annual event inspired by New Year's that’s been happening since 2011. Generally, there’s a different theme and featured creature each year. There are different rewards to collect inspired by the festivities.

This year, Ryu Metsuke and Ryu Bugyo arrived in Limsa Lominsa with a Chocobo chick adorning a costume. While they’ve come to celebrate their draconic guardian, you’ll need to help them with some things to make the festivities come to life.

The event lasts until Monday, January 15, 2024. Learn more here