New Hearthstone Expansion Perils in Paradise Drops July 23

The newest Hearthstone expansion is bringing fun in the sun to the TCG.

The next Hearthstone expansion is here, bringing you to a tropical paradise full of violent beach games and extra strong drinks. Here's what we know so far about Perils in Paradise.

The newest Hearthstone expansion will release on July 23rd. The resort-themed expansion has a lot of interesting new mechanics and dynamics to try out.

Marin the Pirate is on a new adventure as a Manager. This card is available now just by logging in. The other cards won't get here until late next month.

This includes cards like Sunsnapper Lynessda, a Paladin who lets you put Rogue cards into your deck. This is a tourist card, which lets you have another class while deck building but you can only have one of this type of card per deck. Another example is A. F. Kay, who gives all other friendly minions that didn't attack + 2 / + 2, showing that a quick getaway to a resort can leave you refreshed and ready to go.

Marin the Manager Hearthstone

Cabaret Headliner will reduce the costs of spells to make it easier to get the show started. Malted Magma deals one damage and comes with two refills. This is just one of many new drink cards, which can be searched out with Drink Sever, who helps find drink spells. The Corpsicle deals frost damage and if corpses are around, you can get another scoop at the end of your turn.

Looking for action? Volley Maul is a beach game with a twist. After your hero attacks you get a minus one cost sunscreen that gives you + 1 / + 2. Weapons Attendant is a helpful card that can find you any other equipment you might need on your vacation.

There are six new locations all inspired by the resort. The Travel Agent will let you you discover a location from any class.

The Heartstone community is overall excited about this expansion, already thinking of all the possibilities cross-deck building will bring. The various mechanics in the new cards seem fun to try out and many have already thought of powerful combos and strategies.

Others, however, have said that the Perils in Paradise seems a bit boring and expressed desires for other types of expansions — maybe more serious ones. Some fans brought up expansions like Knights of the Frozen Throne, saying they missed more intense styles rather than getting another goofy one. The fun in the sun theme and satirical video didn't hit right with Hearthstone players who wanted something a bit darker.

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