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Kyle Brandt Defeats his 9-Year-Old Son 100-0 in Madden

Good Morning Football (GMFB) Co-Host Kyle Brandt scores 100 on his son in Madden.

Rivalries in all professional sports create an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness at the highest level and non more than in the NFL. However, family rivalries take it to the next tier and are unmatched, especially in football.

It's always compelling when brothers match up against each other for games. Whether it's the Watt brothers going at it on both sides of the ball or the Kelce brothers competing in the biggest game of the year, the added level of competition to defeat your family member is at its highest.

While many of us won't get the chance to play against a family member in professional sports, the competitive drive is still there in casual games. Take Madden, for instance - most of us remember the feeling when you've completely demoralized your family member with a big hit in the game or taking an interception to the end zone. The exhilaration in that moment when you ice the game for the win is priceless.

That was taken to another level this weekend when Kyle Brandt played against his 9-year-old son Calvin in a 'family-friendly' game of Madden.

As a young kid, taking your dad down in any game is thrilling, which Calvin was likely looking to accomplish. But Kyle didn't hold back, defeating his son 100-0 in a blowout win.

In a matchup of the Philadelphia Eagles (Kyle's team) and the Miami Dolphins (Calvin's team), Jalen Hurts threw for a monumental 670 yards and 12 touchdowns, nine of which went to AJ Brown, who had 313 yards. Calvin's Dolphins weren't able to get anything going offensively, leaving Tua Tagovailoa with just four completions for 23 yards and six interceptions.

In his post-game interview, Kyle had some words for the Head Coach (Calvin) of the Miami Dolphins: "This has to be the worst coaching job in the history of Madden." He went on to call out the Dolphin's Head Coach and the rest of his screw (Calvin's friends), saying, "This was a disaster from top to bottom, and they're lucky I didn't put 200 on them."

Here is the full interview:

Obviously, this is all just comedy and family fun, but Kyle has to be called out for one thing - you chose the Eagles! Prove you can do it without arguably the best team in the game. Calvin, go get your REVENGE. We all believe in you.