MultiVersus Voice Lines Leak Upcoming Characters — Marceline, Aquaman, Powerpuff Girls

Rick can be heard taunting a wide range of possible characters coming to MultiVersus.

MultiVersus returned with a massive roster full of new characters and returning favorites. But a recent leak revealed that even more popular characters from WB properties are coming — and probably soon.

On X earlier today, a leaker known as Krusty For MultiVersus shared some videos of Rick (from Rick & Morty) talking to characters that are currently not in the platform fighter. If the videos of these voice lines are to be believed, we can expect the following characters to join the roster in the future.

New MultiVersus Characters Leaked

The first character included in the leak is Marceline, the goth vampire from Adventure Time. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are already in the game so this would make sense. Rick can be heard asking if Marceline ever hooked up with Princess Bubblegum and telling her to stop singing and "shut up."

In a second video, he calls her "Marceline the Emo Queen" and tells everyone to cover their blood as a reference to her being a vampire.

"I knew I hated vampires for a reason. Where's goddamn [burp] garlic when you need it," Rick says in a third video. "Ug, freakin' vampire magic."

Another set of videos has Rick talking to the Powerpuff Girls. He references them being babies a few times, asking them if they can squeeze in a few more smackdowns before nap time. He asks how their dad are doing and calls them "pathologically adorable" in a second video. Rick then asks if anyone signed their permission slip to be in MultiVersus.

"Sugar, spice, everything nice.... Gotta remember that one," he adds.

The third leaked character is Aquaman. Rick clearly does not like him, saying that he smells like low tide and saying his ability to talk to fish isn't useful. He then jokes that they rebooted Aquaman to be cool but it hasn't happened in his dimension yet. With other DC heroes and villains in MultiVersus already, this seems like a pretty likely addition too.

"King of the Seas, my wrinkled ass. I'm just sayin, should have brought some sharks," Rick jokes.

The final leak is a bit more mysterious but seems as though anime RWBY is coming. He initially jokes that an "anime crossover" is coming and then says he doesn't understand "American anime." As Pick Rick, he asks how the character swings a scythe around with those "skinny little arms." Other comments include that she's "so fast" but "science beats magic."

He taunts: "Dibs on taking down little miss anime!"

Right now, it's unclear when these new characters would be added to MultiVersus. The game was just released again yesterday so we will likely have to wait a bit before a big update.

Olivia Richman


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