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Based on the popular and quirky manga, My Hero Ultra Rumble excited anime fans when it was released back in September. It’s been a little over a month and the battle royale has just announced 7 million downloads.

To celebrate the impressive player count, developers are giving out the following rewards to all players:

  • 10,000 Gold
  • 1,000 Agency Points
  • 300 Gallery Piece Red
  • 300 Gallery Piece Blue
  • 300 Gallery Piece Green

The response has largely been positive, with fans celebrating the popularity of the game and the free gifts. But some have asked developers for roll tickets instead.

What Are Roll Tickets in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Roll tickets are what you need in-game to unlock new heroes.

How to Get Roll Tickets in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Unfortunately, you won’t be getting any free roll tickets to celebrate the 7 million milestone. But there are three main ways to get roll tickets in My Hero:

There are several ways you can obtain roll tickets in My Hero Ultra Rumble, namely:

  • Login Bonuses
  • Missions
  • License

The main way to get roll tickets is by completing missions. If you complete daily missions, you can get up to five tickets per day. Weekly missions have even more rewards — up to 60 tickets if you complete them all. In a month, you’ll have enough for three multi-rolls.

To get roll tickets from a login bonus, go to the game’s main menu and click on the Login Bonus tab. You can also get Hero Crystals here, which can be used for rolls as well.

You can also spend Hero Crystals to buy a license, which works like a season pass. It can be a bit tricky for players who don’t want to spend cash to collect 4,800 Hero Crystals.