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Respawn Is Working On a New Game Within the Titanfall Universe

Is it Titanfall 3? Most likely not, but fans are still curious what this new game will include for fans of the popular series.

Look on Steam! It's Apex Legends! It's Titanfall! No, it's an entirely new game. 

It's been confirmed that Respawn is working on an entirely new game that will be set in the Titanfall universe. While it's not the long-awaited Titanfall 3, it's an exciting prospect for fans of Titanfall's unique world and characters. 

Titanfall Game Director Steve Fukuda is reportedly working on a new game, according to Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb.

Grubb explained that it's not Titanfall 3 so "don't get [that] n your mind." Still, it will take place in the Titanfall universe, similarly to how Apex Legends features characters, weapons, and more from Titanfall as well. 

The game is reportedly beyond the early prototyping phase and is a "real project." This aligns with when we heard back in 2023 that Fukuda was in charge of a team that was focused on "something new." It's currently unclear what type of game it will be and what elements it will include. 

While it may not be Titanfall 3 or the game Titanfall Legends, previously canceled by EA, it looks like developers are still determined to create yet another game with Titanfall content. Titanfall came out in 2014 and Titanfall 2 followed in 2016. Apex Legends took some of the elements and made it a battle royale. Since then, fans have been waiting to see what more Titanfall content will emerge from Respawn.