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Palworld Player Stats Explained — What Stats to Upgrade

Confused about player stats in Palworld? Here are all of the stats explained as well as which ones to upgrade early on if you want to explore and fight.

Palworld is an open-world survival game that has seemingly endless possibilities. You can catch over 100 types of Pals, build up a complex base, and upgrade your own player stats. Want to know what to upgrade in Palworld? Check out our guide here. 

Palworld has numerous player stats that can be upgraded with Stat Points. Every time you upgrade a player stat, you will see an improvement in your performance in that area of gameplay. For example, a Stat Point added to your Health will increase it by 100 while increasing your Attack will make you stronger by 2. 

Every Player Stat in Palworld Explained

Let's break down what every stat does in Palworld and which are most important to upgrade

  • HP - Player Vitality - You will collapse if your fatigue meter reaches 0
  • Stamina - Running, Jumping, Climbing - When you run out of stamina, you won't be able to move as quickly, run, or jump
  • Attack - Player Attack - This is the amount of damage you deal to enemies, including melee, ranged, and damaging objects
  • Defense - Player Defense - Add armor and Partner Skills to decrease the amount of damage you take from incoming attacks
  • Work Speed - Work Efficiency - Increase this stat to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete tasks around your base
  • Weight - Max Carrying Capacity - Your movement will become slow if you're over the limit so increase this if you like to carry more around with you

As you can see, the stats in Palworld are pretty straightforward. You have stats that determine how much health you have, how much damage your attacks do, and how quickly you complete tasks. 

Which Player Stats Should You Upgrade in Palworld?

If you're wondering which stats are the most important to start putting Stat Points into, look no further. Here are the most important stats to improve early on in your game. 

Palworld Screenshot

Palworld Screenshot


It's never a bad idea to increase your player vitality. The bigger your health pool, the easier it is to survive. This is especially useful against more powerful enemies and bosses so start boosting this from the start. 


As an open-world game, your stamina can make or break your experience in Palworld. If you cannot run, climb, jump, swim, and fly for long periods, you will feel like it takes quite a bit of time to get to your desired destination. With so many tasks requiring stamina, you should level this up.


In a survival game, you'll often find yourself carrying a lot of resources around with you during your exploration. With very few Pals by your side early on, you would benefit from increasing the amount of weight you can carry so you can continue exploring without getting slowed down.