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Sea of Thieves Season 11 Patch Notes and Release Date

Sea of Thieves Season 11 releases on January 23rd and is bringing a new way to travel, an overhauled quest table, and more cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves Season 11 Patch Notes and Release Date, Diving, New Quest System

  • Sea of Thieves Season 11 will be released for all platforms on Tuesday, January 23rd.
  • The new feature Diving will be added to the game, allowing players to start their voyages faster than ever.
  • A quest table has been added to player ships so they can skip talking to Trading Company Merchants and go straight to the content they want.

Season 11 of Sea of Thieves is nearly here, releasing on January 23rd. Along with Season 11 comes some big changes to the Sea of Thieves in the form of a new travel mechanic, Diving, and a major overhaul of how players interact with quests and factions. There will also be plenty of new cosmetics added to the game that players can attain through a variety of means. Here is everything coming in Sea of Thieves Season 11 and what to expect from the official patch notes.

New Feature: Diving

Diving is one of the biggest features coming to the Sea of Thieves and will allow players to make long journeys across the map in the blink of an eye. According to the newly released teaser video for Season 11 of Sea of Thieves, when players start any kind of voyage, quest, or Tall Tale, they can choose to dive from their current location straight to their objective.

Be warned though, that by using the Diving feature any treasure you may have on board will be left behind. So if you’ve collected a lot of loot, you’ll want to stop by an outpost to offload it first.

Once players have reached a high enough reputation with the Trading Companies, they can even use the Diving Feature to travel directly to world events on the map of Sea of Thieves. With some of the new changes to Trading Companies and Factions, you’ll also be rewarded with loot specific to whatever reputation you are currently working towards.

New Quest Table

Players will notice a brand new addition to their captain's quarters aboard their ships, the new Quest Table. Along with Diving, the addition of the Quest Table is meant to help players find content and voyages and get right into the action.

The Quest Table in Sea of Thieves is a complete overhaul of how players accept quests. It allows players to accept quests from various Trading Companies and factions directly from their ship.

Players Quest Table will also feature a Discover Tab that is uniquely tailored to their current progression. This tab will suggest what kind of content players should be pursuing to reach their next level of progression. It also shows recently unlocked content and time-limited community events that are currently active.

The Quest Table also features new tutorials for each Trading Company and Faction in Sea of Thieves.

The Discover Tab in the new Quest Table for Sea of Thieves Season 11.

The Discover Tab in the new Quest Table for Sea of Thieves Season 11.

Factions and Reputation Changes

With the content update to Season 11 of Sea of Thieves, Trading Companies are being expanded and upgraded. Players can now continue to increase their reputation with the factions from 75 up to level 100.

As players earn more reputation they can also earn new Distinction Levels which will allow them to unlock new cosmetics in the form of rings and jewelry. Other rewards in a new collection of trinkets to decorate your ships with.

Another minor change to Trading Company Voyages is that some of the reputation players earn when turning in treasure, will be rewarded up front when you discover the treasure. This gives players some progress and rewards even if the treasure doesn’t make it back, or they prefer to leave it behind and dive to their next objective.

Voyages from the Trading Companies have also been rebalanced to be more rewarding than ever and will reward loot that is exclusive to that Faction. Players won’t be able to find these loot types anywhere else. By turning in this new loot players can earn progress towards earning two new pieces of gear from the Cartographers set, the Pistol, and Blunderbuss.

New treasure types in Sea of Thieves Season 11.

New treasure types in Sea of Thieves Season 11.

Similarly, new loot and treasure have been added to emergent voyage content such as sunken ships. If players gather and turn in enough of this special treasure they will earn progress towards the Cartographer’s Cutlass and Eye of Reach.

With all of these new changes and the Quest Table added to ships, Sea of Thieves players will only need to visit Trading Company Merchants for Promotions or to check out their new upgraded cosmetic store that brings all the Faction cosmetics into one place.

Sea of Thieves Season 11 Cosmetics

A storm of new cosmetics will also be added to various places within Sea of Thieves in Season 11. Players will be able to earn the Cunning Serpent Clothing Set and the Swift Winged Wayfarer Ship Set from the 100 new levels of content rewards.

New Emissary rewards have been added along with the 25 new reputation levels and will reward unique Lanterns and Speaking Cones.

The Maestro Clothing Set, Exercise Emote Bundle, and the Boar-Hunters Ship, Weapon, and Clothing sets will all be added to the Pirates Compendium, along with the Collector’s Lunar Festival Dragon Sails and Figure Head.

Pirates who purchase the Season Plunder Pass will be able to unlock the Well-Traveled Trader’s Clothing and Collector's Ship Sails.

Season 11 of Sea of Thieves will be out on Tuesday, January 23rd.