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VALORANT, League of Legends Servers Down — How to Check Server Statuses

Popular games are not immune to server issues. If you are experiencing something sus, here's how you can find out if there's something going on with a game's server.

The internet is in shambles after Meta sites like Instagram and Facebook along with games like League of Legends and VALORANT experienced major server issues. If you're wondering what's currently affected, here's how to check server statuses of popular games. 

Are VALORANT and League of Legends Servers Down?

Amidst a wave of panic over social media sites going berserk on March 5, gamers noted that League of Legends and VALORANT servers were also experiencing some issues. 

Interestingly enough, however, Riot's official server status site didn't report anything out of the ordinary that day. If you want to see what individuals have experienced instead, you may want to head somewhere else for more accurate real-time updates. 

Where to Check Server Statuses

The most popular site for checking game server statuses is Down Detector. Whether it's a social media platform or popular game, you can easily find out if there's anything out of the ordinary being reported. 

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How to use Down Detector For VALORANT and League of Legends

It's very easy to use Down Detector to find out what's going on with VALORANT, League of Legends, and any other popular game that may be acting weird. Here's how:

  1. Head to the Down Detector home page
  2. Type in the game that you want to check out in the search bar
  3. Alternatively, you can scroll down the home page to see which servers have been recently reported
  4. You will then be taken to the game's individual page where you can see recent server reports or enter your own report

If you head to a game's home page, like this League of Legends one, you can find out some specifics as well. This includes areas where the server issues were reported, the most commonly reported problems, and even comments from gamers.