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How to Sign Up for Full Squad Gaming League

For adult gamers with a busy lifestyle who just want to focus on having fun, Full Squad Gaming and LeagueSpot have an adults-only league that is perfect for you.

How To Sign Up

  • Full Squad Gaming is dedicated to social gaming and helping those with adult lifestyles find the time and group to game with.
  • With LeagueSpot, FSG currently runs games for both Overwatch 2 and Valorant.
  • MVPs and Championship teams will receive unique and exclusive crewnecks and victory hoodies.

Gaming has always been a hobby enjoyed by many and it knows no age restrictions, but the older you get the harder it can be to find time and people to play with. The folks over at LeagueSpot and Full Squad Gaming are coming up with a remedy for that. The website for Full Squad Gaming says that they’re dedicated to the fostering of social gaming for adults. Helping adults with busy lives find the time to game without the usual trappings of a hardcore competitive scene.

What is Full Squad Gaming League?

With the motto “Never Stop Gaming”, FSG’s league is a departure from the traditional competitive aim of esports with its main goal being to unite the world of social gamers — people who aren't as worried about if they win or lose— so long as they get a chance to play in a friendly and non-toxic environment.

“Our collaboration with the Full Squad Gaming League is focused on enhancing the league's flexible approach, recognizing the balance adult gamers need between competitive play and life's responsibilities,” says Andrew Barnett, CEO of LeagueSpot.

Full Squad Gaming’s league is focused on fostering social interaction and community building, it’s tailored for adults who enjoy gaming as a way to connect and increase their social circles. The league schedule and structure are designed to cater to adult lifestyles and welcome gamers of all skills and levels.

Registration to join Full Squad Gaming is now open via LeagueSpot and features a Free Agency system to support all participants. Currently, FSG League focuses on two games, Overwatch 2 and Valorant, both available to register for on their website.

How to Register for FSG League

Start by Signing Up. Sign up on Full Squad Gaming’s website and join either the Overwatch 2 or Valorant Season 1 at the same time.

When you do this you’ll have the option to start a team as captain, join an existing team, or join as a free agent.

Step 1. Before you can join in, you’ll have to pay a $40 League Fee. Those who earn Season and Final’s MVP awards will receive unique crewnecks and Championship teams will get exclusive victory hoodies.

Step 2. Free Agency. Not everyone has the time to captain and create their team and that’s where Free Agents come in. FSG has a Discord where you can find others who need to fill team spots, ideal for gamers who normally play solo but are looking to join a squad.

Step 3. Incomplete Teams. If you can’t find the perfect squad before the match begins, a Free Agent will fill in for you so no one misses out on the opportunity to play, nor will they be down a gamer. These Free Agents get assigned to teams the day before game day.

Head over to Full Squad Gaming for more information and to sign up today.