How to Get Into the SMITE 2 Closed Alpha Weekend 2

Want to experience SMITE 2 early? Here's how!

The second Alpha Weekend is coming for gamers awaiting SMITE 2.

SMITE 2 is the long awaited sequel to the popular God-themed MOBA, SMITE, which came out in 2014. As we await the eventual arrival of SMITE 2, developers have announced the upcoming Alpha Weekend 2, where you can experience the game ahead of its release.

Here is how to join the SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 2.

When Is SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 2?

The second Closed Alpha Weekend Event is coming on May 30 and will last until June 1, 2024. Beforehand, you can tune in to the Alpha showcase on May 2 here. Definitely set a reminder becaus developers will be showing off playable gods and other information on the upcoming Alpha Weekend.

How to Get Into the SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 2

There is only one way to get a guaranteed spot into the second Closed Alpha weekend: Pre-ordering the Founder's Edition of SMITE 2.

Pre-ordering the Founder's Edition of the MOBA will get you guaranteed early access, including a spot in all upcoming alpha and beta events. You will also get cross-gen skins, Ascension Passes, all SMITE 2 gods "forever," and double the Legacy Gems.

Said devs: "Purchasing the Founder's Edition is the only guaranteed way to gain access to all the Closed Alpha Weekends and beyond with exclusive rewards."

SMITE 2 Founder's Edition

Don't want to purchase the Founder's Edition? You can register for the Closed Alpha on the official SMITE 2 website. This will put you in a line to "potentially" receive a playtest key for the game "later on."

When Is SMITE 2 Coming Out?

SMITE 2 is set to be released in January of 2025. The exact date has not been shared just yet but it seems like it's confirmed for January for now.

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