Nintendo Insider Reveals New Splatoon Game

Splatoon 4 when!!?!

A trusted Nintendo leaker has revealed that a new Splatoon game could be coming.

Leaker Midori revealed on X that Nintendo has a lot of exciting titles in the works. This includes a new Legend of Zelda game and now a Splatoon game, which is going by the codename "Spiral." Unfortunately, not much else has been shared about the potential new Splatoon game.

The response has been mixed. Some Nintendo fans were excited by the possibility of a new Splatoon title, applauding and thanking Midori for sharing the leak. Others were more skeptical, however, claiming that Spiral was probably just DLC.

Splatoon 3 leak

A new Splatoon game would make a lot of sense, though. Nintendo has confirmed the arrival of a new Nintendo console, the predecessor to the Switch. Insiders believe that the new Nintendo Switch will be coming in around March 2025. If this is the case, it wouldn't be surprising if big titles like Splatoon 4, Legend of Zelda, and even Super Smash Bros. were announced. What better way to build up hype for the new console?

Was Splatoon 3 Successful?

Splatoon 3 is still a huge game for Nintendo. The entire series has become a semi-popular esport as well as a fun competitive game for all gamers. Version 8.0.0 was the most recent update, coming out last week, meaning there's still a desire for new content and balance changes.

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