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Stormgate Is Coming — What We Know About the RTS Esport So Far

Races, factions, free-to-play, release date — we break down all the info you need about the future of RTS games in Stormgate

Former Blizzard employees have been working on a new RTS that has the community excited about the competitive possibilities of the game genre. Here’s what we know so far about Stormgate.

Stormgate logo

What Is Stormgate?

Stormgate is a traditional RTS game with a focus on base building, economy management, and unit control. The game will have ranked play (both 1v1 and 3v3), a campaign, co-op, and custom games when it releases, all with you controlling your own units in an attempt to take down the enemy base(s).

It can be tough to get into complex RTS games but developers are hoping that Stormgate will be approachable to newer players. The skill floor will be lowered, according to Lead Co-Op Designer Kevin Lowering. This includes improved tutorials, co-op opportunities, and improved UI. Multiple spells will have an autocast option to make controls easier.

Races in Stormgate

Stormgate unit

The confirmed races are the Human Resistance, focused on technology, and the Infernals, an alien race that invade other planets to exploit their resources.

Developers have stated that there will be three or four races and more than two factions. The confirmed races are the Human Resistance, focused on technology, and the Infernals, an alien race that invade other planets to exploit their resources. The third and fourth races are currently unknown. Each race will have its own playstyle and strengths.

Heroes in Stormgate

Heroes have been confirmed for co-op and 3v3. The details surrounding heroes are still a little hazy, including when they show up and what how many will per game. The hero will more than likely take on a supportive role.

Maps in Stormgate

There will be a wide range of map designs unlike Starcraft’s repetitive map layouts. Maps may have objectives but we’re not sure just yet. They may also have creeps, which are non-aligned enemies you can defeat for rewards.

The initial maps will be created by Frost Giant but developers think more community-made maps will be used eventually.

Stormgate Economy

There are two known resources in Stormgate, one that is similar to Starcraft’s minerals and one that is rarer. The rarer tech resource is called Therium and it’s “unlike anything we’ve seen in previous Blizzard RTS [games].” There are supply buildings in the game and they must be placed strategically. You can harass the other race’s supply workers.

Stormgate Engine

Developers are using Unreal Engine 5 for graphics and Snowplay to deal with RTS issues, like high unit counts and handling a replay system. Games can support up to 1300 units in a single game.

Stormgate Games Modes

There are team games in Stormgate that are meant to be competitive, like 1v1 and 3v3. There is also a campaign that will have many missions at launch. Campaigns will also have a co-op mode.

Will There Be a Stormgate Esports Scene?

One of the biggest questions that fans of RTS games have is if Stormgate is planning to have an esports scene, an attempt to revive the competitive side of the genre. Senior Esports Manager Trevor Housten said that it’s definitely in the works. The current plan is to launch a 1v1 ranked play circuit divided into three seasons over the course of a year. There will also be a clear path to pro and third-party events.

Stormgate Release Date

Stormgate will be released on Early Access through Steam in 2024. No exact release date has been confirmed just yet. It’s a complex game so it may take some time, but keep checking back for updates on Esports Illustrated.