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Taiwan's Uma Wins Capcom Cup And $1 Million

The biggest prize pool in Street Fighter history goes to the Juri player after a strong, surprising run at Capcom Cup 2024.

After a week of matches including a Last Chance Qualifier, Groups and Knockout stages, a Capcom Cup champion has finally been crowned. The Taiwanese player, Uma, took down Chris Wong from Hong Kong. The win makes an instant millionaire out of a player that few tapped for the championship.

How Did Uma Win Capcom Cup?

When looking at the seeding for the Group Stage, many looked and Uma's Group G as one of the weakest in the tournament. However when it came down to the knockouts both qualifiers out of the group made long runs. Uma ended up winning that group, and even the runner-up in Group G, Sayff, made a deep run to the top 8. But UMA, as the only Juri player in the final bracket, cruised through the winners side. 

Juri win animation in Street Fighter 6

When Uma reached the grand finals he faced a runback against the man he sent to Loser's side, Chris Wong. The first set was tense but saw Chris Wong flex his technical muscles and reset the bracket 0-3. But after the reset, Uma's pressure and use of Juri's Feng Shui Engine saw him completely flip the set and close it out 3-0 in Grand Finals Rest. The win makes Uma the winner of the largest FGC prize ever and the first Capcom Cup champion for Street Fighter 6.

So What's Next For Capcom Cup?

In addition to crowning the first FGC millionaire (from one tournament), Capcom also plans to bring the same level of hype to Capcom Cup XI next year. Capcom President and COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, announced that the winner of next year's final will ALSO win $1 million. However, Tsujimoto said that the 2025 tournament "prize distribution will be similar to previous years". This could mean that the runner up and below could see smaller payouts than this year.