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Xerø Regrets: VALORANT's New Xerøfang Bundle Will Light Up Your Skin Collection

The latest addition to the VALORANT shop looks like it came straight out of a futuristic movie, and its sleek design will have teammates begging to trade guns. Here's everything you need to know about the Xerøfang bundle!

VALORANT's Episode 8 era is modern, sophisticated and high-tech – and the new skins the game is delivering fit this concept to a tee. On January 9th, players were blessed with the Kuronami bundle, a sleek set with a Japanese-inspired style. VALORANT's design team is following up on Kuronami's success by releasing another cyberpunk-esque skin line: the Xerøfang bundle. Here's everything you need to know about the new set's design, what it includes and its cost. 

The new Xerøfang bundle in all its neon glory. Source: Riot Games

The new Xerøfang bundle in all its neon glory. Source: Riot Games

What is included in the new Xerøfang bundle?

Players who purchase the Xerøfang bundle will receive three guns, a melee knife and a dragon-themed gun buddy.

The Xerøfang bundle includes:

  • Xerøfang Vandal
  • Xerøfang Ghost
  • Xerøfang Melee Knife
  • Xerøfang Gun Buddy
  • Xerøfang Spray
  • Xerøfang Player Card

Xerøfang guns also have a unique finisher and several color variants, meaning they can be upgraded by investing additional in-game currency. 

What does the new Xerøfang bundle look like?

Xerøfang's aesthetic brings all the cyberpunk vibes with shiny silver metal plating and neon accents in multiple colors. Players can pick their poison out of the set's four variants: red, white, hot pink and electric blue. The Xerøfang Vandal is modern and sleek – its design sports serrated edges and defined linear planes. The Xerøfang ghost shares the set's unique style with geometric barrel accents. 

The set has a recurring dragon motif and its weapons are scattered with accent triangles resembling dragon scales. During the Xerøfang Vandal's reload animation, smoke resembling a dragon's breath emanates from the gun. In addition, Xerofang's gun buddy is shaped like a dragon's head and the bundle's player card displays a dragon soaring above highways filled with cars. 

Xerøfang's strongest selling point is perhaps its unique melee weapon. The Xerøfang knife is beautifully designed with a combined metal frame struck through by a line of bright neon. The knife comes alive upon triggering its animation – it lights up and flies through the air with a colorful trail behind it. 

Xerøfang guns have a dragon kill icon and a unique finisher. Upon killing the last remaining enemy, colorful shards will circle in the air and converge to form a three-dimensional geometric dragon at the site of their demise.

How much does the Xerøfang bundle cost?

According to leaks, the Xerøfang bundle will cost purchasing players a total of 9075 VP, with individual item costs as follows:

  • Xerøfang Vandal: 1775 VP
  • Xerøfang Ghost: 1775 VP
  • Xerøfang Melee Knife: 4350 VP
  • Xerøfang Gun Buddy: 475 VP
  • Xerøfang Spray: 325 VP
  • Xerøfang Player Card: 375 VP

This price point means the bundle will likely be Exclusive Tier or Ultra Tier. 

VALORANT's YouTube channel has also added a trailer video of the Xerøfang skins. Watchers can see the skin set's stunning animations for themselves and enjoy a cinematic-quality montage. Stay tuned for more updates on Episode 8, the VCT season and new VALORANT content!