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What is Wakerunners? A New Fast-Paced MOBA by Dave the Divers Devs

The developers behind Dave the Diver are releasing a fast-paced MOBA called Wakerunners with an emphasis on speed during Steam Next Fest in February.

Wakerunners PvP Action Game by MINTROCKET, Demo Releases during February Steam Fest

  • Wakerunners is a 4v4 and 5v5 PvP game with fast-paced, top-down action.
  • The gameplay focus is on speed, with players utilizing both acceleration and deceleration mechanics.
  • The demo releases with the Steam Next Fest starting on February 5th.

A new fast-paced, top-down action game is rolling out a demo next month for Steam Next Fest called Wakerunners. Originally announced as Project TB in 2022, developer MINTROCKET (Dave the Diver, Nakwon: Last Paradise) released the first gameplay trailer for this unique spin on the MOBA genre.

What is Wakerunners?

Set in the near future of a dystopian earth, players join teams of 4 or 5 and choose from a cast of characters with their own unique personalities, abilities, and battle styles. With the competitive video game landscape where it is thanks to games like League of Legends, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2, a diverse group of characters is a must-have in the hero genre of games.

Like Overwatch originally intended, Wakerunners allows players to swap their characters mid-battle, allowing them to strategically use various skills throughout a game as they battle for the ravaged earth as members of surviving factions.

According to the Steam Page, the gameplay features close-quarters combat as players glide across the arena at high speeds using unique mechanics to both accelerate and decelerate.

Wakerunners will also have several different modes to play including Team Deathmatch, Control Conquest, Command Siege, Escort, and Raider.

Each player can choose between two roles; a Waker or a Re-Man. While the Steam page doesn’t detail what each role is, it does say that along with every character's unique attack styles, movement techniques, and ultimate abilities, the role you choose will further help vary your playstyle.