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Overwatch 2 Season 4 is coming, bringing with it a new support hero, a battle pass full of cosmetics, and dynamic game modes and events. But Overwatch 2 players are also hoping it will come with a fix to a recently uncovered glitch that is already causing an uproar on Reddit.

In a recent Reddit thread, a player showed a D.Va player heading to the opponent’s spawn on Havana, pretending to deal some damage to them as a taunt before the match officially started. But D.Va was actually able to deal damage to the heroes in the spawn area, a location where heroes are supposed to be safe.

Upon seeing this, Mei decided to send some deadly icicles their way as well. Even more shocking, Mei’s icicles actually killed a Reaper, showing that heroes could be eliminated in spawn before the match even began.

So how is this possible?

Can Heroes Be Killed in Spawn?

Some players speculated that Reaper’s emote caused him to slightly phase through the door, allowing his exposed parts to be damaged. But it could be something more complex than that, as other Overwatch players pointed out similar instances with other heroes and maps, including a Soldier: 76 getting eliminated while doing a push-up emoji that had his face phase through the spawn door.

Last week, a similar Reddit discussion was held after a player was able to shoot an arrow from inside his spawn, hitting a defending enemy on the map. This actually caused damage to the hero before the match even started.

The lucky player claimed it was just a coincidence and couldn’t be replicated too easily. But players were still shocked that damage could be dealt before the match began. And a Ramattra player noted that they had done something quite similar, launching his Vortex and hitting a defending hero on the other side of the spawn.

While a lot of these instances don’t seem like game-breaking, easily replicated situations, it still didn’t sit right with the Overwatch 2 community. A few mentioned that heroes should be invincible before the match officially begins.

Blizzard hasn’t responded to these strange occurrences just yet. Developers are most likely a bit too busy making Brigitte a terrifying tank with stunning capabilities to focus on a Reaper getting a bit too antsy at the start of a match.