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Overwatch 2 — Get Far Out with the Flower Child Mei Legendary Skin

Mei has a groovy new skin. Lucky for fans, it's surprisingly easy to unlock

Mei is known for two things:

  1. Being a reincarnation of the devil, using her freezing powers to be the most annoying hero possible.
  2. Her passion for nature and her environmental research.

Mei has a tragic backstory. She was a climatologist stationed in Ecopoint: Antarctica with other scientists when a horrific storm forced them all to cryogenically freeze themselves in hopes they’d be rescued in the future. Mei was the only survivor. She ended up joining Overwatch along with her trusty robot Snowball.

While playing with Mei, she often spouts voice lines about saving the planet and caring about the world around her. For this reason, she was rewarded the groovy, hippy-inspired Flower Child Legendary skin.

Looking like she belongs in a 60s cult or on a liberal college campus from decades past, Mei sports bell bottoms, a colorful headband, Cher-inspired sunglasses, and a trendy bob. Complete with a sunflower atop her head and patches on her weapon, Mei looks super vintage and extra groovy. 

We dig it.

How to Get the Flower Child Mei Skin

First, you will have to get into your VW Beetle and drive to a desert in the middle of California. Here, you’ll find a seemingly innocent settlement full of teenagers playing the guitar and wearing long, flowing dresses.

flower child mei skin overwatch 2

Just kidding.

To add the Flower Child Mei Legendary skin to your collection, head to the in-game shop within Overwatch 2. You’ll see the Flower Child Mei Bundle for 2,200 Overwatch. Simply purchase the bundle and you’ll get the Flower Child Mei Legendary skin, the Grooving emote, and the Sunflower weapon charm.

Low on Overwatch Coins? Chiiiilll. You can still get the Flower Child Mei skin separately for just 1,900 Overwatch Coins. Don’t let the capitalists win, man.

If you are looking for more exclusive skins while in the store, you can also find Battle For Olympus skins, which include special skins for Widowmaker, Reinhardt, and Roadhog.

The Flower Child Mei skin is in stores until September 28, 2023.