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Overwatch 2 is a bit different from other shooters in that each hero has a totally different weapon and playstyle. This has made it a bit more difficult to know what crosshair is best to use. Here’s how to find the best crosshair settings in Overwatch 2.

How to Change Your Crosshair in Overwatch 2

If you are looking to simply change your crosshair, here is how:

  • Head to Overwatch 2’s Menu
  • Select Options
  • Go to Controls
  • Find General and scroll to Reticle
  • Open the Type drop-down and you’ll see: Default, Circle, Crosshairs, Circle and Crosshairs, Dot

You can further customize your crosshair from here after selecting the type. Go to Advanced Reticle Settings and you can change the following:

  • Show Accuracy: On or Off
  • Adjust the Thickness
  • Adjust the Center Gap
  • Adjust the Opacity
  • Adjust the Outline Opacity
  • Change the Dot Size
  • Adjust Dot Opacity
  • Scale with Resolution: On or Off

Change Your Crosshair For Each Hero

As we mentioned earlier, Overwatch has a roster of heroes that all have different weapons. This means that what may work well for a long-range shooter may not work as well with a hitscan hero which may not work with a close-range shotgun user.

For this reason, Overwatch 2 has the option to customize your crosshair for each individual hero. Here’s how to edit the crosshair for an individual hero in Overwatch 2:

  • Click on Menu
  • Select Options
  • Go to Controls
  • Select Change Hero on the right side of the screen under the All Heroes portrait box
  • Choose the hero you want to create a customized crosshair for
  • Head to Advanced under the Reticle menu and follow the above steps

What is the Best Crosshair Setting in Overwatch 2?

The best players in the Overwatch League have often said that the best crosshair setting in Overwatch 2 is a small reticle with high contrast, meaning bright colors that won’t blend into the game’s environment.

At this point, you will need to go with personal preference. Based on your own vision, what color stands out best to you? Then, consider your hero of choice. Some may require a bigger crosshair than others — and some, like Reinhardt, don’t require a crosshair at all.