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Overwatch 2 Season 5’s battle pass is like any other season in many ways — it has tiers and cosmetic rewards (some that cost money). But this time around, Blizzard has introduced a Mythic skin with a new progression system.

Overwatch 2 Season 5 is getting a fantasy-inspired theme inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. This includes some mysterious new limited-time modes hinting at magic and a Tracer Mythic skin to match.

The Tracer skin is visually stunning but what has really got the Overwatch 2 community talking is the new progression system.

How to Unlock the Adventurer Tracer Mythic Skin in Season 5

In the past four seasons, players could unlock the Mythic skin simply by reaching the final tier of the battle pass. This time around, however, Blizzard is making the Mythic skin a bit more dynamic.

There are three variants of the Adventurer Tracer Mythic skin, each getting more intricately detailed and with a more extensive visual effect. This is nothing new, although Tracer’s transformation is nothing short of breathtaking.

The base of the Mythic skin has Tracer in some pretty casual Renaissance-inspired garb, complete with a red hood. This transforms into a bit more of a heroic look with some blue and silver armor and black spiky hair. The final form is what has everyone talking, however. She sports a shiny white helmet with small wings on top, heavy-duty, elegant armor, and a wing-like cape.

Here’s how to unlock the Tracer Mythic skin:

  • Base - Level 45
  • Intermediate - Level 65
  • Complete - Level 80

Essentially, you’ll need to progress through the battle pass to continue to upgrade Tracer’s Mythic skin instead of getting all of the variants at once. This means you may play as Tracer in her base or intermediate variation while you grind to Level 80 of the battle pass.

While most of Blizzard’s decisions involving Overwatch 2 haven’t been popular — including the cancelation of the long-awaited PvE mode and making the battle pass cost money — this progression system was met with praise from most of the Overwatch 2 fanbase.

The skin progression feels similar to an RPG game, which makes sense considering Season 5’s fantasy theme.

Some Overwatch 2 players had some concerns, however. Not much is known about Season 5 just yet, including the contents of the battle pass. Some fans questioned if there would be fewer cosmetics in the battle pass now that three slots were dedicated to the Adventurer Tracer Mythic skin.

For now, only time will tell. Overwatch 2 Season 5 launches June 13, 2023.