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Blizzard K-Pop Collaboration Means O Legendary Skins Inspired By Le Sserafim

Blizzard is following in Riot’s footsteps with its own K-pop collaboration.

In an announcement earlier today, Blizzard revealed a musical collaboration with Le Sserafim, a K-pop group made up of five female singers. Overwatch 2 General Manager Walter Kong said the members of the group are all “amazing individuals” who are “unstoppable when they come together” much like Overwatch 2 heroes.

The first part of the collaboration is a music video, which will be released on Monday, October 30. This will be followed by in-game items and a game mode on November 1. This includes Legendary hero skins, but we unfortunately don’t know much else about the collaboration so far.

Next, Le Sserafim will make an appearance at BlizzCon on November 4. This special performance will include their new single, “Perfect Night.” You can watch it live at the BlizzCon Arena after Community Night.

The reaction to the collaboration was mixed, revealing that many are still very salty about Blizzard’s treatment of Overwatch 2 over the years. Some fans applauded the fun collaboration, begging Blizzard for a K-pop Mercy skin. Others, however, said that the cosmetics will most likely cost money they aren’t willing to shell out.

Either way, gamers immediately pointed at K/DA as the inspiration, joking that the group now has some competition.

Le Sserafim kpop group

Who Is Le Sserafim?

Le Sserafim is a South Korean girl group that was formed by Source Music. The members include Sakura, Kim Chae-won, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, and Hong Eun-chae. One of the members, Kim Ga-ram, was put on hiatus in 2022 soon after the group debuted with Fearless.

Apparently, Ga-ram was accused of bullying students when she was in middle school, where she also allegedly took part in underage drinking. While some defended Ga-ram and claimed she was the victim of bullying herself, she was placed on hiatus during an investigation into the rumors. Her contract was ultimately terminated and Antifragile was released soon after.

For now, Overwatch 2 players are anxiously wondering who will get the Legendary skins. But is it enough to “save” the game that has been controversial for so long? It seems like it’s yet another bandaid that will work for a month or so as developers think of the next in-game content to make up for the PvE drama.