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Blizzard is doing it big for the introduction of the newest Overwatch 2 hero, Lifeweaver. To celebrate the interesting and handsome new support, Blizzard is bringing a Lifeweaver Invitational to the community.

Season 4 is already looking jam-packed with in-game events, including Thai New Year and Starwatch Galactic Rescue. But now Overwatch 2 players can also watch the pros use Lifeweaver in the Lifeweaver Invitational, allowing gamers to get a good taste of how to use Lifeweaver’s dynamic abilities, build a team comp around him, and create strategies that implement his platforms and healing.

What is the Lifeweaver Invitational?

The Lifeweaver Invitational will have teams of four composed of Overwatch League players and content creators. The captain of each team must draft their teammates during the Overwatch League Pro-AM Finals today, April 9.

The double-elimination event will work similarly to other small-scale tournaments except that every team must have a Lifeweaver on the roster. Matches will be first-to-three, meaning whichever team gets three wins first wins.

The map schedule is predetermined, so teams won’t have the luxury of choosing maps and game modes that suit them the best. This will even the playing field a bit as the world’s best Overwatch players try out Lifeweaver in a tournament for the first time.

Who is Playing in the Lifeweaver Invitational

The Overwatch community is excited to see some of their favorite top players and creators come together to compete in this fun tournament. With $10,000 on the line, teams will be giving it their all.

Here are the featured players revealed by Blizzard thus far:

  • Jay3
  • ML7
  • Super
  • Aspen
  • Jake
  • Eskay
  • Warn

These players will be joined by “select Overwatch League pros” from the teams in the western region. Fans are hoping to see top players from Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, and more.

Lifeweaver Invitational Schedule

The Lifeweaver Invitational is taking place on Sunday, April 16.

The opening rounds will begin at 12 PM PST. This is followed by lower bracket elimination and winner bracket final at 1:30 PM PST. The lower bracket final is estimated to be at 3 PM PST.

Tune in to the Grand Final at 4:30 PM PST.

Creators and Overwatch League pros from the eastern region will be competing in a similar event also featuring teams with Lifeweaver starting at 5 PM KST.

How to Watch the Lifeweaver Invitational

If you’re tuning in to the Overwatch 2 action, head to Overwatch’s official Twitch channel. Some creators will also have the games streaming on their personal channels.

Blizzard is also welcoming other creators to co-stream the fun event.

If you’d rather just sit back and watch, you can win a variety of in-game prizes. This includes Ultimate Battle Pass Bundles and Lifeweaver cosmetics.