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Lifeweaver is the newest hero on the colorful Overwatch 2 roster, leaving fans mesmerized by his luxurious hair and delicate petal design. The support hero was officially announced yesterday but fans could only speculate what his abilities could be.

Now, Overwatch 2 devs have officially announced his abilities ahead of his Season 4 release.

Lifeweaver’s Abilities in Overwatch 2

Before Lifeweaver was announced on April 3, 2023, some outlets leaked his potential abilities and it seemed like he could potentially revive the support role in Overwatch 2’s more aggressive meta. But those were just rumors. Now, we have Lifeweaver’s official abilities thanks to a gameplay trailer.

In the gameplay trailer, Lifeweaver can be seen holding a beautiful lotus in his hand. Similar to Kiriko’s Healing Ofuda, Lifeweaver targets an ally and lets the flowers make a golden path towards the teammate, healing them an unspecified amount. This ability was not mentioned in the leak.

Lifeweaver also uses a targeted teleportation bubble to pull teammates towards him. In the video, he saves Symmetra from being pushed off the edge of the map, bringing her safely back by his side. To add to his mobility-based support options, Lifeweaver also shoots out a beautiful flower-like platform that ascends when a hero steps on it. He can either target a hero to instantly lift them up or place it on the map for heroes to utilize.

Later in the trailer, Lifeweaver can be seen using some type of movement ability to dash forward. This will come in handy in the very mobile meta that has taken over in the one-tank team structures of Overwatch 2. Many support heroes have felt vulnerable to flanks and incoming attacks, especially ones that can’t seem to get away from the incoming damage.

The ultimate appears to be the exact same one that was mentioned in the leak, Tree of Life. Lifeweaver places it on the map wherever he desires and it appears to block incoming attacks, even ultimates. Meanwhile, nearby allies appear to be getting healed by the tree-like structure.

It looks like the passive that was mentioned in the leak, Parting Gift, is not part of Lifeweaver’s official kit. This passive was rumored to have Lifeweaver leave behind a healing item when he is eliminated, which could be used by both teams. This left many players skeptical, wondering if Lifeweaver mains would purposefully KO themselves to provide extra healing.

The trailer also shows a bit more of Lifeweaver’s personality through his actions and voice lines. He seems to be a bit cheeky, with sarcastic responses and quirky facial expressions. It will be interesting to see how he fits into the lore and interacts with other heroes.

Is Lifeweaver a Good Support Hero?

Only time will tell, but it’s looking like Lifeweaver is more focused on mobility and positioning than other supports. This will hopefully inspire more communication and strategy from teams that are looking to utilize Lifeweaver’s powerful abilities. A lot of teams have had problems with players running off alone and Lifeweaver may be the answer. Stay close and you’ll get heals and extra mobility options.