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The Overwatch 2 community has been left quite curious about the upcoming support hero and developers have finally shared a little bit more about her.

When Overwatch 2: Invasion was announced, the initial trailer ended with a quick glimpse at the next support hero. Flying high in the sky right in front of the sun, only her silhouette was visible. Still, some Overwatch fans shared some promising fan art that got the attention of the official Overwatch 2 Twitter.

Since then, however, the identity, background, and abilities of the new support have been a mystery.

What We Know About the Next Support Hero

In the latest Director’s Take, Aaron Keller discussed a lot of the content coming to Overwatch 2 when Season 6, Invasion, launches in August. This included a glimpse at the new hero.

Keller explained that the silhouette had been enough to excite the Overwatch 2 community, writing that he was “surprised with how many of the details” the fan art got “right” about her look. This means that the next support may be Peruvian with sun-based abilities and a powerful gunblade.

To further recognize the “detective work” done by the Overwatch community, Keller decided to share a very interesting piece of concept art that showed an “integral part” of her backstory.

Soul Threading Ritual in OW2 support hero

The image above has been titled “Solar Threading Ritual.” This confirms that the support hero is connected to the sun in some way. In the drawing itself, she seems to be in the center of a ring where she is being injected with powerful beams of light. It appears a bit ancient in its styling, but it’s hard to truly tell where the technology is from in time.

Unfortunately, it’s still not clear what the new hero’s abilities will be. It does seem more than likely that she will have aerial capabilities and heal people with the sun’s energy. For now, we will have to wait for an official update from the developers ahead of Invasion.

When Is Overwatch 2: Invasion?

Overwatch 2: Invasion is coming on August 10, 2023. At this time, fans will be able to grind the battle pass or purchase the premium battle pass to unlock the new hero.

Invasion will also bring a new competitive game mode, Flashpoint, and some PvE content. Unfortunately, this PvE content has been considered underwhelming by playtesters who feel it’s not high up there on the replayability scale.

They will move the game’s lore along significantly, however, especially thanks to the addition of cinematics.

Said Keller: “We've developed quite a few cinematics to be used in the Invasion Story Missions as well as outside of it...The missions themselves are each centered around a piece of narrative. We record an incredible amount of voice lines for each mission, and depending upon which heroes are selected, players will get different interactions and substories in each mission...Each mission is bookended with two cinematics, and the heavy lifting of driving the plot forward is handled through these cinematics.”