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The Overwatch community has been sent to horny jail many times and it seems that developers have become in on the joke, tweeting sus things about the heroes and even making a dating sim for Valentine’s Day. But a new Ashe skin included in the Season 4 battle pass has left players questioning everything.

On Reddit, an Overwatch player shared a video of Ashe’s dynamite while she is equipped with the Intergalactic Smuggler skin. And the Overwatch community was shook at what they heard.

Intergalactic Smuggler Ashe is Cursed

This Legendary skin has Ashe wearing a pirate-inspired steampunk-lite getup while B.O.B. looks like a bright-colored Cthulhu. Her dynamite is also transformed when you select this skin, wrapping it in some very slippery and wet tentacles.

The blend of western and ocean themes is definitely a cool one, but fans are not too sure they like the sound of her dynamite, which sounds like some very succulent tentacles being sponged of their extra liquid. Players are describing it as “moist” sounding — and many are not comfortable with it.

Said the OP: “I feel shame for posting. Overwatch sound engineers need to take a hard look at themselves.”

Others commented that they were “horrified,” accusing developers of using it as a “cry for help.” Said another: “Sound engineers can be lonely too, you know.” One fan wondered how they could describe the dynamite “without being disrespectful,” a reference to an old Akon song.

The disturbingly moist dynamite is being called WAP, short for “wet ass pyrotechnics.”

Others were curious how the skin would sound in-game if Ashe threw a stick of dynamite.

“I hope it makes a squish sound when it lands after being thrown. Imagine in the heat of battle you hear wet noises in your left ear, only to look over and be caught on fire,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “Explodes wetly.”

And another: “Fleshbang.”

The general consensus from the Overwatch 2 community is that, no, they will not hear you out and yes, you should call her.

How to Get the Intergalactic Smuggler Skin

So there’s no denying that this moist dynamite is disturbing to many Overwatch 2 players. But that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to equip the meme-worthy skin and check out the octopus-wrapped explosives in action.

The Intergalactic Smuggler skin is unlocked at Tier 50 of the Season 4 battle pass. That means you’ll have to grind a lot of games to get your hands on this sultry yet sickening skin. The Legendary skin is also exclusive to Premium battle pass holders, so you may want to use some cash if you want to get this disturbingly moist cosmetic.