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Overwatch 2 Underworld Challenges and Rewards

Overwatch 2 Invasion has brought a ton of stuff along with it aside from the much-talked-about PvE content. This includes the Underworld event, which includes challenges and rewards for Overwatch 2 players.

What is the Overwatch 2 Underworld Event?

Underworld is a collection of co-op missions on King’s Row that are available from August 10 to September 5, 2023.

Underworld revolves around trying to stop Null Sector’s invasion, saving omnics from the incoming attacks. You can choose from a variety of missions by heading to Winston’s computer screen and selecting a mission and difficulty.

Overwatch 2 Underworld Challenges

Playing the Underworld missions will give you a lot of rewards.

There are currently 16 challenges within the Underworld missions that you can complete for rewards. Eight are currently available and if you complete all of these you will get the Brigitte Sparkplug skin. More challenges will be unlocked as the event continues.


  • Stop, Thief!: Eliminate four battery thieves as a team before they steal a battery in a single, completed run of Underworld
  • Underworld: Lore Hunter: Discover all hidden lore interactions as a team in Underworld
  • Rock on TS-1: Keep TS-1 alive and complete Underworld
  • Underworld Fighter: Complete Underworld on any difficulty
  • Underworld: Role Master: Complete Underworld as each role
  • You’re Welcome, Human!: Activate TS-1’s gratitude protocol in Underworld
  • Nulltimate: Prevent the A-7000 and QR Units
  • Underworld: Expert Fighter: Complete Underworld on Expert difficulty
  • Underworld: Modifier Master: Complete Underworld on Legendary difficulty with each of the three weekly modifiers

Unavailable (For Now)

  • Underworld: Missile Fighter: Complete Underworld: Death from Above on any difficulty
  • Underworld: Mystery Fighter: Complete Underworld Invasion: Mystery Swap on any difficulty
  • Underworld: Expert Missile Fighter: Complete Underworld: Death from Above on Expert difficulty
  • Underworld: Expert Mystery Fighter: Complete Underworld: Invasion Mystery Swap on Expert difficulty
  • Underworld: Ultimate Fighter: Complete Underworld: Ultimate Zones on any difficulty
  • Underworld: Expert Ultimate Fighter: Complete Underworld Zones on Expert difficulty

Underworld ends on September 5 so keep an eye on the list of challenges so you can complete them as they come out!