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Overwatch Champions Series Drops and How to Get OWCS Rewards

This is your chance to get some OWCS-themed cosmetics for free. If you want to rep Overwatch esports in-game, check out this complete guide.

The Overwatch Champions Series is coming up fast. When you tune in to the new Overwatch esports action, you can get Twitch Drops and free cosmetics. Here's how to get free stuff just by watching the OWCS broadcast. 

How to Watch the OWCS Broadcast

The Overwatch Champions Series is meant to be "open and accessible to all," according to an official press release on the upcoming broadcast. For this reason, you can watch the OWCS across a wide variety of platforms



OWCS Broadcast Schedule

Want to tune in to the above broadcasts? You'll need to know when the matches happen. 

OWCS schedule revealed

There will be qualifiers to watch in North America, Asia, and Europe. There is also a Major in May, which is taking place at DreamHack Dallas. Then the Finals will be near the end of the year at DreamHack Stockholm. 

For the full schedule, check out our guide here

How to Get OWCS Drops

Getting ready for the Overwatch 2 action? Here is what you need to do if you want to get some rewards for watching matches. 

The first thing you need to do is connect your accounts with YouTube or Twitch — wherever you plan to watch. Here's how:

  1. Sign into your platform of choice
  2. Go to Settings and find Connected Accounts
  3. Click on your account
  4. Click "Allow"
OWCS viewership incentives

The rewards will instantly be added to your in-game inventory after you watch the required amount of hours. Here's what you can get depending on how often you will be watching official match streams:

OWCS drops February 26 – March 18:

  • OWCS Icon – 2 hours
  • OWCS Spray – 4 hours
  • Lifeweaver Winter Spray – 6 hours
  • Murphy Cookies Avatar – 8 hours

OWCS drops March 18 – 31

  • OWE Spray – 2 hours
  • OWE Avatar – 4 hours
  • DVA Winter Name Card – 6 hours
  • OWCS Kiriko H&A Skins – 8 hours

The OWCS circuit will begin on February 26 in Asia. Get ready!