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10 Most Stunning Illustration Rare Cards From Obsidian Flame

Pokemon cards are known for their beautiful art, but these illustration rares from Obsidian Flame are a step above the rest

Pokémon TCG collectors have been obsessed with the Obsidian Flame set for some of its dynamic art. The 22 Illustration Rare cards have some of the most fun and stylish art in the game’s history. Here are the 10 most stunning Illustration Rare cards from Obsidian Flame.

Pidgeot ex

Pidgeot ex illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

This card is a fan-favorite for its ability but also the fun artwork. Pidgeot flies towards the camera with an intense glare, a cartoonish city below it. The blue and green is really dynamic and truly pops.


Lechonk illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

This is probably one of the cutest cards ever and really shows Lechonk’s personality. You see Lechonk laying on his side, stuffed from eating too much food. We can all relate to this.

Eiscue ex

Eiscue ex illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

This is a very stylish card that sort of reminds me of Adventure Time. Eiscue floating above the barren land is just breathtaking.


Scizor illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

Probably one of the most intense card arts ever, Scizor is blood red against a black background, similar to a graphic novel.


Ninetails illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

Ninetails looks majestic in this art, elegantly looking up into the sky as light shimmers down on it. The whimsical forestscape with the twisted trees is reminiscent of a fairytale.


Gloom illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

Whooooah, trippy. This card looks like a fever dream, sort of like Where the Wild Things Are meets Tim Burton meets an acid trip sequence in a comedy film. Gloom looks adorable and clueless as it walks carefree through the psychedelic forest.


Cleffa illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

This beautiful card looks like it belongs in an art museum. Cleffa stands on a shiny surface with shooting stars behind them. The sky is a stunning shade of baby blue and pink, similar to the Northern Lights.

Charizard ex

Charizard EX Special Illustration Rare Obsidian Flames

It’s no surprise to see this classic dragon Pokémon on any Pokémon list. Charizard stands in front of a gorgeous background that looks like stained glass. Near the bottom it appears like he’s blasting out of the glass, his expression intense as always.


Geeta trainer Obsidian Flame

Seeing this trainer reading on the steps is very dynamic thanks to their stylish outfit, sincere smile, and flowing hair. This is one of the most desirable support cards from this set for this reason.

Revaroom ex

Revaroom ex illustration rare from Obsidian Flames

This evokes monster truck rallies, Hot Wheels collections, and unironic Cars 2 edits on TikTok. The explosive image has Revaroom bursting forward, engulfed by flames and roaring down the road.