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The Most Expensive Cards in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 151

From nostalgic special illustration rares to full art versions of iconic trainers, Pokemon 151 is a massive nostalgia bomb full of high-value cards

The iconic Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 151 set has arrived, bringing classic Pokémon and cards back with new art. Collectors have started ransacking local stores for booster packs of this desirable set. Looking to add these stunning cards to your collection too? Here are the most expensive cards in Pokemon 151.

Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare - $128

Charizard ex pokemon 151

This stunning card has Charizard soaring above some volcanoes, a beautiful scene that features one of the most popular collectible Pokémon out there. It’s no surprise to see this card at the top, per usual. Pulling this card will fetch you a pretty penny, but it’s also not too shabby in a competitive sense. For four Fire energy, Charizard can do 330 base damage.

Erika’s Invitation Special Illustration Rare - $70

Erika's Invitation trainer Pokemon 151

Erika is a popular trainer from Gen 1 that specializes in Grass Pokémon. The Special Illustration Rare of this support card has Erika in a stunning, colorful scene full of stained glass, unique vases, and flowers — truly a work of art. Erika allows you to reveal your opponent's hand and put a basic ‘mon from their hand onto their bench. If you do, you can switch that card to their active spot if you like, which is a pretty interesting ability.

Erika’s Invitation Ultra Rare - $46

It’s the same card again but a different version. This time, Erika is in front of a tree that looks like a Whispering Willow. The soft, painting-like background just gives this card a magical and ethereal feeling. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most desirable cards.

Zapdos ex Special Illustration Rare - $46

Zapdos EX Pokemon 151

Zapdos is a Legendary Pokémon with an equally legendary card. This Special illustration Rare has the Lightning Pokémon soaring through the sky like a fighter jet with the earthly elements below it. With no retreat cost, Zapdos is a pretty nifty card for an aggressive Lightning deck but it’s mostly up here due to the collectibility.

Blastoise ex Special Illustration Rare - $39

Blastoise ex Pokemon 151

Blastoise is one of the most popular Pokémon from the first 151 and this card is particularly badass. Blastoise is submerged in water, looking battle-ready and intense. But is he truly ready for battle? Blastoise ex has an ability called Solid Shell that allows him to take 30 less damage from incoming attacks. The attack is pretty good, doing 140 damage per basic Water energy in your hand — you can discard up to to two for a total of 280. Not too bad, especially if you have cards that get back discarded energy.

Venusaur ex Special Illustration Rare - $37

Venasaur ex Pokemon 151

This forever iconic Grass ‘mon looks, well, high in this beautiful Special Illustration Rare. He looks quite chill as he stands amongst a field of colorful flowers. The Tranquil Flower ability lets him heal 60 damage from another ‘mon on your squad if he’s active. Meanwhile, he can confuse and poison the opponent’s active Pokémon.

Mew ex Ultra Rare - $34

Mew ex Pokemon 151

This vibrant, pink card is just absolutely adorable, with Mew front and center. It’s also a pretty interesting card. Despite having low HP, Mew ex has a useful draw power ability and can attack using the opponent’s active ‘mon’s attacks. Imagine a surprise Mew coming into active just to copy a super powerful attack your opponent didn’t expect.