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The Complete Guide to Pokemon Unite Season 20 Battle Pass

The Season 20 Battle Pass for Pokemon Unite is here and this time it's Mewtwo and Sableye taking center stage.

This season's Battle Pass includes two Featured holowear for Pokemon! One will be available as soon as you purchase the Battle Pass, the other once you reach level 100.

  • “Dark Magician” Sableye
  • “Dark Lord” Mewtwo
Dark Magician mewtwo witch hat sableye

Trainer Styles

Three new Trainer styles will also be obtainable via the premium Battle Pass. As well as various trainer gear for your trainer's style or trainer card! The trainer sets are as follows:

  • Dark Lord Set (Battle Pass level 80)
  • Dark Lord Set Green (Battle Pass level 150)
  • Dark Lord Set Red (Battle Pass level 200)
Pokemon Unite season 20 trainer outfits

How to Unlock and Level Up

The premium version of the Battle Pass is needed to earn the majority of the rewards along the track. The standard version costs 490 gems and the plus version costs 840. The Plus version of the Premium Battle Pass gets you an immediate 25 Battle Pass levels, as well as a unique sticker for your trainer card.

Leveling up is all about chasing the weekly and daily quests. While Pokemon Unite is not known for particularly hard Battle Pass completions, it is still best practice to complete the weekly and daily challenges if you want to level up fast. Missions come in 4 tiers:

  • Special Missions
  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions
  • Season Missions

Completing these tasks is the key to leveling up quickly. Season and Special Missions give the most XP but Daily and Weekly missions tend to be easy to compete naturally, just by playing the game!

You can use gems to purchase Battle Pass levels at any point. This is not recommended, but if you can’t wait to deck out your Mewtwo in a Dark Lord costume, you gotta do what you gotta do.