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Pokémon Unite Leaks Reveal Upcoming Pokemon Including Gyarados and Meowscarada

Datamines have revealed the next three Pokémon coming to Unite, the next Battle Pass, and a brand new mechanic.

This morning Unite’s public test server received an update, and this opened the floodgates for prominent Unite leaker ElChicoEevee. They posted a series of leaks on X and the list is full of surprises. Pokémon, items, Battle Pass, even ranked details, this recent leak was packed with interesting stuff.

New Pokémon

The leak that catches the most attention is absolutely the new Pokémon coming to the game.

  • Meowscarada (Speedster)
  • Metagross (All-rounder)
  • Gyarados (All-rounder)
Meowscarada reveal leak

While Meowscarada is not new news, the other two are brand-new reveals. Both of these have generated a lot of excitement, due to them being such popular Pokémon. Of the three Gyarados seems to come with the most intriguing mechanic. You will start the game as Magikarp and instead of needing to hit a certain level to evolve you will instead need to fill an “Effort Gauge”. This is done by scoring, earning knockouts, and participating in battle, all while Splashing around the map.

One piece of news surrounding Meowscarada that has piqued interest is that the Pokémon can be obtained for free in game. This will be done via an event in which the players can earn four colors of “Petals'' to unlock the license for Meowscarada. These are earned by completing various challenges in game. This is very similar to events in the past like the Puzzle for Mew.

Release schedule seems to have Meowscarada and Metagross releasing in December, with Gyrados slated for January.

New Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass has been found via data mine as well and this time the featured Pokémon is Mewtwo. The newest legendary Pokémon who has been added to the game receiving a battle pass is interesting but not unheard of. Notably Zacian was the recipient of a Battlepass very soon after its release as well. This Battle pass will also feature Sableye as the Pokémon who receives a holowear at the beginning of the pass. With the battle pass having a Dark Overlord theme both of these Pokémon feel like they fit quite well.

Ranked Changes

ElChicoEevee also revealed that the first competitive map in Untie, Remoat Stadium, will be returning to Ranked mode. This is not confirmed as of yet but if this is true it will mean Ranked will now have two maps in rotation, Remoat Stadium and Theia Sky Ruins. It is unclear if these maps will be randomized whenever you get a match or if it will be a seasonal rotation.

Introducing EX Pokémon

One extremely interesting detail revealed in the datamined information is that some Pokémon licenses have been given the “EX” tag. Seemingly only one EX Pokémon can be selected per team. The only two Pokémon confirmed to have this tag are Mewtwo and Zacian. Notably Urshifu, the only other legendary Pokémon in the game, so far has not been considered an EX Pokémon. Most likely the game is saving this classification for Pokémon who are Box Legendaries or are restricted in VGC.

This change has started a lot of discussion of balance philosophy in Unite. Some players are saying this change is a commitment to keeping Legendary Pokémon stronger than the rest of the cast and not trying to balance them as much as would be expected in a MOBA.

New Holiday Event

Tis’ the Season for a brand new event in Unite. And thanks to this datamine we have a look at what we can expect. The Prize Machine will be utilized again for players to have a chance to earn legendary holowear as well as some new effects for existing holowear. Gardevoir’s Sacred Style holowear will be obtainable via the Prize Machine as well as the new attack animations for the holowear.