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Capcom Announces Capcom Cup Premiers and Local Tournament Support

Capcom revealed new details about the road to the $2 million Capcom Cup

There’s a lot of exciting stuff in store for the competitive Street Fighter 6 community.

The Capcom Cup is big, with a $2 million prize pool — and $1 million of that going to the winner. But it’s not all about the top of the top players this season. The Capcom team announced some exciting updates for the Street Fighter 6 community during an Evo 2023 panel.

New Capcom Offline Premiers

The global Capcom Cup just got bigger thanks to two additional Premiers. The goal is to give more competitors a chance to compete no matter where they are in the world.

Both new Premiers will take place at existing events that already aim to bring gamers from all over the region together to celebrate competition.

The first is Gamescom Asia, which will be located in Singapore. This event is on October 20-22, 2023. The second is Paris Games Week. This event will be November 3-5, 2023. The Premier in Paris will be in a different venue than the main event.

Both of these events will have a registration cap of 1,024. Registration will open on August 9, 2023. Keep your eyes on

Local Tournament Support

But Capcom wanted to go deeper than Premiers. To really show appreciation for the competitive scene at all levels, Capcom will also be providing free merch to tournament organizers that manage local tournaments in their community.

Free gear will be given away at tournaments organized by barcode, Guild House, Juicy Gamenight, San Antonio Fighting Game Community, Next Level, and more.

This is a small gesture from Capcom to show its support for the grassroots side of Street Fighter 6. While the game has continued to grow at incredible speed, developers want to acknowledge all levels of gameplay. A lot of top players got their start at locals and have gone on to become the best in the world.