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Virtually every online game features a battle pass of some sort and fighting games are no different. And with over a million sold, it behooved the folks at Capcom to get Street Fighter 6’s additional content out quickly. Capcom is calling it the “Early Summer Vibes Premium Rewards”, but does it pass the vibe check?

How Much Does Early Summer Vibes Event Cost?

One of the positives of the Summer Vibes pass is that it costs 250 Fighter Coins, SF6’s digital currency. Converted to USD it’s only about $5, which is significantly lower than most battle passes which typically vary between $10 and $30. If this is an indication of the price of passes moving forward, it only bodes well for future adoption. The Street Fighter player base is clearly willing to shell out for costumes and DLC, as their purchases essentially saved Street Fighter V’s abysmal launch. Making this pass match the same price as other much more established games could have been met with derision, but at $5 most people are willing to take the plunge.

What are the Rewards in SF6 Early Summer Vibes Event

Battle pass for Early Summer Vibes

Battle pass for Early Summer Vibes

However, for the price of your Abe Lincoln, Summer Vibes offers a few beachtime-themed titles and cosmetics for your Avatar fighter. At the first level of the Premium pass you gain access to the 1986 top-down shooter “Legendary Wings”. You can play the game in the gallery after you unlock it. Let’s hope other obscure games like Mega Man Soccer make it in as well. Also, there’s unlockable music through the premium pass that you can play during matches or while running through World Tour. 

It’s a bit disappointing that the classic tracks can’t be unlocked in the free version, especially considering all the Street Fighter OSTs are available via Spotify already (There’s all the MegaMan stuff too, Capcom actually tossed a TON of music up already, it's quite wonderful). Another point of contention is that there are no costumes or cosmetics for the traditional fighters. You play ranked and most casual matches online with the normal cast and not having a new outfit for one of them is a missed opportunity.

Once you buy the pass it's time to get to fighting. If you’ve played SF6 you may have noticed a “Kudos” notification pop-up. This is basically the game’s version of experience points. As you earn them, you unlock titles for the character you were playing ass. But if there’s a battle pass active, any Kudos you earn go towards progression in the pass no matter who you play as. The amount of Kudos you gain per match can vary, but each tier of the pass is separated by 500 Kudos each. The free pass nets you rewards for every 1500 points but the Premium version unlocks something at every level.