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Writer's Note (7/5/23): Our EVO theory is shattered as Rashid's trailer was announced this evening!

With the first month of Street Fighter 6 in the rearview, the team at Capcom isn’t looking at slowing down. In a tweet, the Street Fighter team announced the new monthly Fighting Pass and it centers around Rashid. While there was no release date for the fighter himself, the pass is currently live now and will run through July 23rd. Like the “Early Summer Vibes” pass, the “Rashid Arrives” pass costs 250 Fight Coins or $5 USD.

What are the Rewards for Rashid Arrives Event Pass

Within the Fighting Pass are all sorts of elements and callbacks to Rashid who made his debut in Street Fighter V. The “turbulent wind” of fighting is the first character of Middle Eastern descent in a mainline Street Fighter and served as a de facto main character for SFV’s story. In the pass, nearly all the unlockable content is related to the fighter in some way. 

All cosmetics in Rashid Arrives event

Rewards for Rashid Arrives!

The cosmetics for your Avatar are Rashid-centric all the way down to the “scouter” like eyepiece and jetpack he wore in V. Also, included in the pass is a border for photo mode that mimics looking through the scouter and a special breakdancing emote for your avatar. The music tracks included are all from characters who first appeared in Street Fighter V. Through your efforts you can unlock Laura’s theme, Necali’s theme and of course, Rashid’s theme.

This comes at one of the most exciting times in the FGC, as the pass ends only a few days before folks arrive in Las Vegas for the EVO Fighting Championships. While this is just speculation, the timeline of the pass would lead us to believe that a Rashid trailer or even release could come over the EVO weekend. 

Will Rashid Be Good in SF6?

Top players like Oil King, Big Bird and Angry Bird were all known for using the character heavily at the pro level. So there will be plenty of people who are excited to see him. Rashid was originally announced earlier this year with the rest of the Season 1 DLC characters. Following Rashid this year will be a new fighter A.K.I. then Ed from SFV in the Winter of 2024 and finally Akuma in the Spring of next year.