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The first DLC character for Street Fighter 6, Rashid, is live and ready for play. The wind surfing acrobat is already turning the heads of the pros and looks to be a strong choice out of the gate. So if you’re looking for a character that can command the skies, here’s how to unlock Rashid.

Buy Him At Digital Retailers

The easiest way to unlock Rashid is to have the Season 1 Character Pass. You can access this by purchasing the pass on PSN, Xbox Live or Steam. If you bought the Deluxe or Ultimate versions of the game at launch, then you’ll already have Rashid installed and ready to go. If you have the Ultimate version, you’ll also get his bonus outfit 1 colors as well.

Hit The In-Game Shop

If you don’t already have Rashid, you can slide into the in-game shop and purchase him there. As it stands there’s no way to earn in-game currency to unlock fighters, so you’ll have to shell out some cash to start playing as him. But if you’re so inclined, Rashid costs 350 Fighter Coins, which translates to around $7. Be mindful that purchasing Rashid this way does not give you automatic access to his additional outfit colors. Those will have to be unlocked separately through purchase or by earning Drive Tickets (the earnable in-game currency for SF6).

How to Unlock Outfit 2 for Rashid in SF6

For those who were fans of Rashid’s Street Fighter V look, don’t fret! That costume is available for 50 Drive tickets in the Shop. You can also earn it the old-fashioned way, through the World Tour story mode. Like every other alternate costume, if you meet up with Rashid in the open world, and max out his relationship stats, then you’ll unlock his throwback threads.

You can find the quest to meet Rashid in Old Nayshall in the Bazaar area at night. There you’ll find Rashid’s old handler, Azam. Talk to him and he’ll have you fight some fodder enemies to complete the intro portion of the quest. Once you complete that, return to Nayshall in the day and Rashid will be lingering not too far from where you found Azam. Talk to Rashid a couple of times and you’ll have him as a master.