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Street Fighter Juri Birthday Celebration Gone Wrong

Your favorite sadistic, poison-obsessed vengeful killer in Street Fighter 6 has a birthday coming up and the FGC is invited.

Juri’s birthday is “creeping up.” Leading up to her January 1 birthday, Street Fighter 6 will have in-game events to celebrate the popular character. This includes 1000 Drive Tickets, bonus Kudos for Juri, and even a Juri-only tournament.

Street Fighter Players React to Juri Celebration

While many wished Juri an early birthday, they weren’t as excited about the celebration. In fact, many voiced that they were underwhelmed with the in-game events, questioning what the point of Drive Tickets are. Players demanded new costumes for Juri instead, stating that cosmetics would be better.

Not only that but the Juri-only tournament sounded torturous to participate in.

Said one dedicated player: “As a Juri main I can safely say that this will be the most annoying tournament of all time ever.”

Juri win animation in Street Fighter 6

Never Mind, Don’t Add Cosmetics

In a later tweet on the same day, developers showed a clip of Juri wearing a new skin. The outfit in question had her in a fuzzy onesie, zipped halfway down to show some skin.

But instead of thanking Capcom for answering their prayers, gamers immediately shared negative feedback with developers, demanding that they listen to what players have been saying.

The first issue? The onesie is available as part of a larger purchase, forcing players to purchase the entire collection in order to get the pajamas. This left a bad taste in some gamers’ mouths since they felt they were being ripped off.

“Anyone supporting Street Fighter 6’s DLC is part of the problem,” someone wrote.

The second? Gamers preferred older skins. Many shared an older and more revealing skin that had fans drooling.

How Old is Juri in SF6?

As of 2023, Juri is said to be 37 years old. This means she will be turning 38 on January 1, 2024.