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Battle royale meets fighting game in a surprise announcement from PUBG.

PlayerUnknown BATTLEGROUNDS announced on Twitter that Street Fighter content is coming to the usually realistic shooter as part of its Survivor Summerfest.

Survivor Summerfest is a massive in-game event that spans from July 12 to September 13, bringing two “mega collabs.” The first collab is scheduled for July 26 to August 8.

It now appears that the first mega collab is with Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, one of the most successful fighting games in recent years. The news was shared on Twitter with a slightly cryptic and silhouetted image of some iconic Street Fighter characters.

“Get your fighting spirit ready,” PUBG tweeted.

What Is the PUBG x Street Fighter 6 Collab?

The mega collab announcement had the FGC excited but it’s unfortunately not clear what the event will consist of.

Judging by the image, fans should expect to see some skins inspired by Street Fighter 6 characters. This includes Chun-Li and Luke, although some FGC players are already questioning Luke’s design. A quick zoom-in shows that Luke’s usually buff arm has been downsized to look a bit more realistic and fit PUBG’s character models.

Of course, this is because the Street Fighter 6 characters aren’t actually in the world of PUBG, which is essentially a war-torn location where people are fighting for survival. Instead, it’s more like people dressing up as the Street Fighter characters.

But still…

On the other hand, fans were happy to see Cammy not wearing leggings to make her outfit more PG, like what happened in Fortnite. That could possibly make up for Luke’s lack of bulging arms.

The mega collab will also add Street Fighter-related items to the game during the event. It’s not too clear what these items will be or how they will work.

PUBG has also not officially announced any events or in-game challenges related to Street Fighter 6. For now, fans of the two popular games will have to wait and see what’s in store.

In the past, PUBG has done other collaborations with popular characters from other IPs. This includes Jujutsu Kaisen and Godzilla vs. Kong. These two events took place in PUBG Mobile only, however, so it has left some fans wondering if the upcoming Street Fighter event is for certain platforms.