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The Street Fighter community has been happily grinding Street Fighter 6, both fighting friends online and trying to finish the World Tour. But the FGC has noticed that some iconic fighters are missing from the roster, causing fans to question if they will be future DLC or if Capcom has decided to leave them out for good.

Is Vega in Street Fighter 6?

Vega claw and mask

This has been a question fans have been asking ever since Street Fighter 6 was announced. Unfortunately, Vega is not part of the roster as of right now.

Vega has become quite popular since he first appeared as a boss in Street Fighter 2 thanks to his over-the-top bravado and interesting playstyle. The stylish Spanish ninja has a massive ego and many of his voice lines are about appearances. One of his hands has massive claws, which he uses to slash opponents between spins, flips, and aerial maneuvers.

Many in the Street Fighter community have wondered why Vega hasn’t made an appearance in Street Fighter 6 despite his popularity. Some have joked that he may have ended his career — or life — after realizing he’s too old and ugly. But others felt that was good motivation to beat down enemies he feels are more attractive than himself.

Is Sagat in Street Fighter 6?

Sagat punishing Ryu in SFV

The roster is also missing Sagat, another popular fighter that’s had a long history with the franchise. Sagat was a non-playable final boss in the original Street Fighter and was made playable in Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition.

Some Sagat mains have accepted that he won’t ever be added to the roster since his storyline has essentially ended. Sagat basically wanted revenge after Ryu defeated him, leaving him with a massive scar. But the two eventually see eye to eye when they realize they both need to purge the Satsui no Hado in order to become true fighters.

Still, the eye-patch-wearing Muay Thai expert is known for his incredible strength. His signature move, the Tiger Knee, has him jump aggressively at his opponent, jabbing them with his knee at full force. Having his flamboyant kickboxing-inspired moveset in Street Fighter 6 would be a lot of fun.

Is Charlie Nash in Street Fighter 6?

Nash critical art in SFV

Charlie Nash is another fighter with a finished storyline. He once plotted revenge against M. Bison but he has since gotten what he wanted. Throughout that journey, Nash also died and came back multiple times. It feels a bit played out at this point, honestly.

He was recently reborn for Street Fighter 5 with a more violent and aggressive moveset. A lot of fans have wanted to see his return, excited by his brutal playstyle in the previous game. Unfortunately, Capcom hasn’t mentioned a return for Street Fighter 6 as of now.

Is Birdie in Street Fighter 6?

Birdie big boot on M. Bison

Birdie is a heavy fighter in Street Fighter that’s known for his punk rocker vibe and use of chains when he fights. He first appeared as a non-playable opponent in the original street fighter but has since become a fun addition to the roster.

While Birdie may have a fun presence, he was pretty unpopular in Street Fighter 5. At higher levels, you wouldn’t see anyone using Birdie at all. Seen as mostly a joke for his drunken antics, it’s probably not likely that Birdie will join the Street Fighter 6 roster unless there’s a massive rework in store.