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EA FC Pro Introduces FC Pro Draft for 2023/24 Season

FC Pro is bringing a massive change for the new season

The competitive EA FC Pro season is about to start, and this year we will see a massive change compared to previous seasons of competitive FIFA/EA FC.

Starting with the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, FC Pro Draft will introduce a budget-based squad-building system with rotating rules for roster management. With unique requirements throughout the season, competitors will have more opportunities to show their game knowledge and creativity as they have to continuously build and adapt their rosters on the road to the FC Pro World Championship.

FC Pro Draft

Using FC Pro Draft, each competitor will work within a set budget to choose Ultimate Team players for their squad, with the budget impact of choosing that item based on the EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team Transfer Market value of that player. Competitors will need to consider each player against their transfer market price, adding a new dimension to squad building in football esports. These requirements will vary based on the competition, resulting in unique team compositions event to event.

EA FC Pro Draft

“Ultimate Team players are all familiar with the trials and tribulations of squad building,” said Sam Turkbas, Senior Director & Commissioner, Football Esports, EA. “By introducing FC Pro Draft, we’re adding a layer of skill and strategy for the pros while also giving EA SPORTS FC 24 players even more relatable content for how to put together a championship-caliber roster on the virtual pitch.”

The draft tool will be made available publicly on the FC Pro website and fans will be able to create their own squad using the same requirements as the competitors every week during FC Pro Open, allowing them to join in the conversation, choose their preferred squad and debate which items should be included in their Ultimate Team Squad.

FC Pro Draft will debut during the upcoming FC Pro Open Global Qualifier, hosted live in London, UK, on November 10-12. 64 players at this event will compete to secure their ticket to the FC Pro Open regular season and a chance to qualify for the first-ever FC Pro World Championship in June 2024.