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Galaxy Racer has gained a new investor in footballer Diogo Jota.

While known for his skills on the field as a Liverpool footballer, Jota is heavily invested in esports behind the scenes. He currently has his own esports organization, Diogo Jota Esports, which is now rebranded to Luna Galaxy and will fall under the Galaxy Racer umbrella due to his involvement in the Galaxy Racer org.

Luna Galaxy will have teams competing in Dota 2, Rocket League, and FIFA right now. They recently competed in the Gamers8 FIFA tournament but have plans to expand into a wide range of tournaments across even more titles — especially with Jota on their side.

“I am delighted to join forces with Galaxy Racer and embark on this exciting venture,” Jota stated in a press release. “Esports has the potential to captivate millions worldwide, just like football, and I’ve been able to experience both first-hand. Through this partnership, I hope to bring Luna Galaxy to a whole new audience of gamers and sports fans alike.”

Galaxy Racer is currently mid-merger with Riva Technology and Entertainment. The digital media entertainment company is hoping to purchase the organization. Once this deal goes through, Galaxy Racer will be renamed Celestial and the org will expand beyond just competing in tournaments. Celestial is also hoping to establish a media and sports “conglomerate” that’s focused on the MENA and India regions.

Galaxy Racer was founded in 2019 by CEO Paul Roy, who was inspired by his love of animes like Speed Racer. The organization grew rapidly, becoming an umbrella company that also owns Nigma Galaxy, Wave Rider, and now Luna Galaxy.

The organization aims to create entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle content to reach Gen Z and millennials around the world. They have over 100 content creators and compete in a wide range of competitive games.

Joto is a forward that currently plays with Liverpool. The Portugal native is just 26 years old but clearly has a big vision when it comes to his career beyond being a star athlete. Luna Galaxy is just his latest step in creating a big esports organization in the ever-expanding and never-predictable esports industry.