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NFL Players React to Their Madden 24 Rating

Players in the NFL have hilarious reactions to their Madden ratings.
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It's that time of year when Madden ratings come out, and many start to discuss who is rated higher and why. Even players begin to get into the mix, which makes for some hilarious reactions. As we know, Madden ratings aren't the end all be all of who's good and who's not in the NFL, but it gives us a sense of how the new Madden 24 game will play for each team.

Carolina Panthers cornerback, Jaycee Horn (83 overall), wasn't thrilled with how Madden views him as a player. On the Panther's Instagram page, the players reacted to their Madden ratings. He told them to "fix my ******* rating." He went on, saying, "I love the game, but they're on my bad side right now."

Adam Thielen (83 overall), who spent the majority of his career with the Minnesota Vikings, thought his rating this year was a little low. "They're kind of hating a little bit. We'll be alright. We'll adjust it as time goes on."

Many Panthers players aren't thrilled with what Madden thinks of them. Brian Burns (87 overall), who is a young stud on the defensive line, had some words about his Madden rating. "I got all my career best in my stats this year, and I went down in Madden. I don't understand it." 

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champion linebacker, Nick Bolton (87 overall), doesn't think Madden ratings matter whatsoever. He says at the end of the year, "Holding up the Lombardi trophy that's the most recognition you can get."

Once regarded as one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL, Miami Dolphins defender Xavien Howard (84 overall) is clearly done with Madden ratings. He was asked if people, including Madden, are sleeping on him this season. Here's his response:

The young Dallas Cowboys cornerback, Trevon Diggs (87 overall), is becoming a star in the NFL. In just 35 games, he has a total of 17 interceptions, which is the best output over the last 40 years. The 87 rating is respectable amongst corners, putting him just outside the top ten. But that's not good enough for Diggs.

The second quarterback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, CJ Stroud (73 overall) out of Ohio State, was shocked at his rating. Madden has always been lower on rookies coming into the NFL, but for how prolific Stroud was in college, it's understandable why he was upset with it.