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7 Best Cards To Pull in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter

Find out the strongest and most valuable cards in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter

It’s still very early in the Disney Lorcana timeline — the game just came out today — but competitive card game players have already been studying The First Chapter cards to see which cards are the most powerful and viable in the potential meta.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a booster pack of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter or are simply looking to buy strong cards to build a viable deck — or even if you just want to get the most collectible cards in the first set — here are the cards you should hope to pull.

Maleficent — Monstrous Dragon

Maleficent dragon lorcana card

This is an expensive card that requires a lot of ink to activate. That usually means you would have to sink a lot of energy and resources into activating a card of this cost — and may not even get to it in some faster games — but this card can be placed face-down on your first turn, meaning it will show up more than most 9-cost cards.

The ability to banish any character is too strong of a power to ignore and this can be a game-changing card if used correctly. You can expect this in some beefier Ruby decks.

Captain Hook — Forceful Duelist

Captain Hook lorcana card

This is probably one of the best cards in the game thanks to his aggression. Of course, this depends on the type of deck you’re running. But Captain Hook is great for players that want to out-damage your opponent. Captain Hook can deal with a lot of incoming threats and will get important cards off your opponent’s board before he’s banished.

Moana — Of Motonui

Moana lorcana card

This Amber character card has been much discussed leading up to this point. She’s an inkable five-cost card with 1 strength and 6 willpower. Her effect is what makes Moana so strong, however. When she quests, you are allowed to ready your other princess characters.

If you are playing a princess control deck, Moana is a staple that keeps the deck running smoothly. You will want to get her out as soon as possible. This tanky card will become a target for your opponent since she will generate lore at an extremely fast rate.

Just in Time

Maoi just in time lorcana card

This action card allows you to play a character with a cost of 5 or less for free. This action card will immediately put you at an advantage since you can instantly take out a powerful card while using less of your resources.

Since you won’t need as much resources, you will be able to get strong cards out very early, allowing you to steamroll your opponent as you start your strategy in the early game before you can be stopped.

Rapunzel — Gifted with Healing

Rapunzel lorcana card

When you play this character, you can heal 3 damage from one of your characters. This is definitely a strong effect since damage stays on your character until they leave play in Disney Lorcana. Healing a much-needed character could save the game and keep your strategy going smoothly.

Even better, you can draw a card for each point she heals. Drawing three cards in a game with very minimal draw power is definitely another game-changer. You will probably see this character in every Amber deck.

Belle — Strange But Special

Bell lorcana card

This is being coveted as a competitive card thanks to its ongoing ability to accelerate ink and her ability to quest for 5 lore when she reaches 10 ink. This means that Belle will not only fuel your deck and keep you powering forward but could ultimately win you the game.

Not only is Belle a bit overpowered while used in a deck, but we are predicting that certain variants of this card will be worth quite a lot to collectors. With its beautiful artwork and how rare the Legendary variant is, you’ll most definitely see princess aficionados and waifu chasers hunting down this card.

Mickey Mouse — Brave Little Tailor

Mickey Mouse lorcana card

Collectors will want to get their hands on this card. Mickey Mouse is the Pikachu of Disney Lorcana and all rarities of this card will definitely be a coveted part of any collection. It’s one of the first cards revealed for Disney Lorcana so it has a very big significance to this trading card game.

Some of the rarest and most iconic variations of this card are currently selling for $1,500. You’ll even see them at $6,000 if they are graded perfectly. It’s unclear if they will sell at this price range, but the desire and hype is there.

But is Mickey Mouse any good in competitive play? Yeah, he’s alright. He’s good in the endgame thanks to his lore count of 4 and his 5 damage and 5 willpower. He will be pretty tough to kill, but opponents will be forced to sink resources into banishing him or he could win you the game in just a few turns. Expect to see him in nearly all Ruby decks.