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Best Disney Lorcana Accessories — Illumineer's Trove, Sleeves, More

What are the best accessories for Disney Lorcana? We've got your buyer's guide right here

Disney Lorcana is here with The First Chapter, revealing hundreds of cards with powerful effects and iconic Disney characters. No matter if you’re a competitive TGC player or an avid card collector, here are some of the Disney Lorcana accessories you’ll want to grab.

Illumineer’s Trove

If you’re just getting started with Disney Lorcana, this kit is a great way to get all of the essentials at once. For $145, you will get eight booster packs to get your collection going as well as some useful accessories. Here’s what’s included:

• 1 storage box

• 2 deck boxes

• 8 booster packs

• 15 game tokens

• 1 player's guide

Mickey Mouse Card Sleeves

You may have noticed that the Illumineer’s Trove does not come with any sleeves. If you plan on using your cards, you’ll definitely want to keep them safe with card sleeves. These official sleeves definitely keep to the Disney theme, but you can also use “generic” sleeves, like Dragon Shield sleeves.


These sleeves are made to be anti-slip, making it easier to shuffle and move your cards around on the board. Some players will use see-through generic sleeves to keep their official sleeves safe from rips.

Elsa Deck Box


To keep your deck organized when bringing it to a card shop or on a trip with you, you will most definitely want a deck box. Disney Lorcana has some official deck boxes that feature popular characters, including Elsa. This dynamic deck box featuring the Frozen icon is a great addition to any card game collection.

Maleficent Playmat

If you plan to compete in Disney Lorcana locals, a playmat is a must. There are a few official Disney Lorcana playmats available, with this Maleficent playmat being one of the more intense. Maybe you’ll intimidate your opponent with this imposing playmat.

No matter the brand you choose, look for playmats with soft, smooth fabric on top and anti-slip on the bottom.

Stitch Card Binder

If you’re more on the collection side of things, you definitely want to grab a themed card binder. Disney Lorcana’s Stitch binder is super adorable, featuring Experiment 626 on a surfboard, a binder with all the ink types, and the whimsical Lorcana logo on the back.


This binder holds 64 standard-sized cards as well as eight oversized cards. That’s not the most but it’s a great start! Feel free to grab generic binders as your collection grows, but this Stitch binder will definitely be a collector’s item one day.