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First Big Tournament Results Reveal Top Tekken 8 Fighters

Tekken 8 has just come out but competitive players are already wondering which fighter on the roster is the best for ranked play. Fortunately, a big tournament at Frosty Faustings has revealed who the pro players have their eyes on.

Over Tekken 8’s launch weekend, a large tournament known as Frosty Faustings XVI wrapped up. Since it’s still so early in the fighting game’s life, it’s impossible to know which characters are truly top-tier and above the rest. Speaking with developers before the game’s launch, Esports Illustrated was told the roster is quite balanced — let’s see how that holds up.

Frosty Faustings XVI Tekken 8 Characters in Top 32

• JACK-8 - 3

• Devil Jin - 3

• Yoshimitsu - 2

• Kazuya - 2

• King - 1

• Zafina - 1

• Hwoarang - 1

• Xiaoyu - 1

• Nina - 1

• Leo - 1

• Shaheen - 1

• Dragunov - 1

• Jun - 1

• Lee - 1

• Law - 1

• Azucena - 1

• Claudio - 1

• Asuka - 1

• Feng - 0 (1)

• Unknown - 8

As you can see, the amount of characters that were used in the Top 32 is quite varied. But here are some of the standouts early into Tekken 8’s competitive side.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin transformation in Tekken 8

Players were excited when Devil Jin was finally revealed since he was many gamers’ mains in Tekken 7. With powerful punishes and dealing hefty damage, Devil Jin is a well-rounded character that packs a punch.


Jack-8 may be slow, but he is super strong and great at a distance compared to many opponents. He has super long limbs for poking and has projectiles that can cause massive damage from afar. It’s easy to see how he can overpower opponents when used correctly.


Yoshimitsu isn’t usually found in the top of the tier lists or at major tournaments so it’s interesting to see him twice in the Top 32. This is most likely due to the game being pretty new since Yoshimitsu thrives on surprising opponents with unexpected attacks and weird abilities. Once more players become aware of Yoshi’s strange moveset it’s unclear if he will continue to make an impact in the pro scene.


This popular character can deal a lot of damage and is known for his long, impactful combos when in the right hands. In Tekken 8, Kazuya has a lot of great Heat attacks that deal a lot of damage. Due to his popularity, however, players will most likely quickly learn this matchup.