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The Tekken 7 top 6 just wrapped up at Evo 2023 and Arslan Ash was the one to hold up the trophy in front of thousands of fans at the Michelob ULTRA Arena. It wasn’t really a surprise to see Arslan Ash completely dominate — the Pakistani pro also won Evo Japan 2023, Combo Breaker 2023, Evo 2019, and Evo Japan 2019.

Arslan Ash rushed through the winners side of the top 6 bracket, defeating a lot of fan favorites with ease. This included South Korea’s Suhun "Ulsan" Im and Japan’s Akihiro "Ao" Abe, who he also faced in the Grand Finals.

Evo Tekken 7 Top 6

The two competed in a mirror match, both poking and dodging with Kunimitsu. But Arslan Ash was quick to read almost everything Ao threw at him, ready with a powerful counter or an unexpected reaction. It was overall one-sided, cementing Arslan Ash as a force that can’t be stopped.

But being so dominant and not having any obvious competition, how does Arslan Ash stay motivated? Esports Illustrated asked the top player after the Grand Finals and he told us: “I struggle to find motivation, it’s something I struggle with. But this year I wanted to make history. Nobody has done this.”

Despite having the upper hand on pretty much every opponent he came across throughout Evo 2023, from pools to the top 6, Arslan Ash said that he keeps a strict routine. He starts an eight-hour grind every day at 9 AM that includes three hours of labs.