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Trait Guide — How to Play Pentakill in TFT Set 10

How to play the Pentakill trait in TFT Set 10. Get all the details on how to rock hard in Remix Rumble

An in-depth guide on what the Pentakill trait does and how to win with it.

The new Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Remix Rumble is the game's 10th expansion and is the most ambitious yet. With every origin being music-themed, players will want to have a sound game plan when it comes to each specific trait.

In this guide, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert takes players on a quick tour of what the Pentakill trait has to offer along with what the trait does, what each Pentakill Champion’s role is and some tips and tricks to make the Pentakill comp the strongest it can be. Here is an explainer on how to play the Pentakill trait in TFT Set 10.

What Does the Pentakill trait do?

The legends of Rock make their appearance in TFT Set 10 as one of the biggest vertical traits in the game. Sitting at a whopping seven different champions, Pentakill has many options when making team compositions but playing the trait vertically is one of the best ways to play the trait.

That’s because Pentakill champions simply deal more damage and take less. But what separates the simple trait from other stat buffs is that anytime an enemy champion dies, a Pentakill champion on the board gets empowered which increases their bonus damage. But in true name fashion, when the fifth champion on the enemy board dies, ALL Pentakill champions get empowered.

This means that players will want to make sure their team is well-equipped to pick off weak champions fast so that when it comes to taking down the main tanks and carries, the Pentakill champions can clean up fights quickly. This trait is one that looks to end fights as fast as possible.

Pentakill skin splash art

All Pentakill Champions and their roles

  • Olaf (1g Pentakill/Bruiser)
  • Kayle (2g Pentakill/Edgelord)
  • Gnar (2g Pentakill/Superfan/Mosher)
  • Mordekaiser (3g Pentakill/Sentinel)
  • Viego (4g Pentakill/Edgelord)
  • Karthus (4g Pentakill/Executioner)
  • Yorick (5g Pentakill/Mosher)

Olaf might be the most powerful one-cost reroll champion in the entire set thanks to his Berserker Rage ability that heals him on swing and grants attack speed per missing health. This combo has been seen before and with the Headliner mechanic, an early Olaf three-star can mean curtains for the lobby.

In the two-cost department, there is Kayle who has the Edgelord trait which grants users additional attack speed which is useful for Kayle since her ability gives her a five-second window of increased damage on attacks that also hit behind her target.

The other two-cost champion is an honorary Pentakill member, Gnar who has the “Superfan” trait. And Gnar wouldn't be a Pentakill Superfan without also being a Mosher which essentially gives users Olaf’s ability of omnivamp and attack speed.

Mordekaiser is the comps main tank option as he also has the Sentinel trait. Mordekaiser also doubles as a Magic damage dealer as his ability does damage and gives him a shield. And if Morderkaiser kills a champion, he gains bonus stats.

Finally, there is the trio of main Pentakill carries. Viego has the Edgelord trait and has an AoE physical damage ability that hits the largest clump of enemies. Karthus also has an AoE ability but instead does magic damage. For Karthus he targets the five lowest health enemies and for each one that dies, he gains mana.

But the most exciting champion is Yorick. As a Pentakill Mosher, it would only be fitting that his ability is named GET IN THIS PIT! Which summons a ton of “headbanging zombies” that pile towards the center of the board and deal physical damage. And on every other cast, Yorick summons a giant zombie that acts as a temporary unit on the board complete with a health bar who also does physical damage.

Best synergy champions

Since the trait already has two Moshers and since Yorick is likely to be the main carry of the comp, going deep into the Mosher trait is beneficial especially since Poppy and Sett give the comp some nice front line.

Speaking of frontline, Riven is a fantastic pick-up to team up with Viego and Kayle to activate the Edgelord trait and if players are looking for a physical damage secondary carry when using Karthus as their main carry in the late game, Akali is a perfect compliment to pick off remaining foes that Karthus leaves at low health.