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Four more Teamfight Tactics players will punch their tickets to the North American Regional Finals at the conclusion of the Noxus Cup, the first and only stop on the TFT Set 9.5 half of NA circuit and the last event before the Last Chance Qualifier. The stakes are high in this 160-player four-day tournament as NA’s best look to take the next step in qualifying for the TFT Runeterra Reforged Championship. Here is an in-depth guide on how to follow the action when it kicks off on Saturday, September 30th.

What is the Format of Noxus Cup

The Noxus Cup determined its players from a semi-open signup process. Meaning that anyone could initially sign up but only the top 160 players that signed up based on their in-game rank would make it into the tournament. With that said, there are perks for being among the highest-ranked players.

This tournament format runs over the course of four days and two weekends. The top 32 players will skip the first two days of the tournament and automatically qualify for Day 3. The remaining 128 players start their tournament on Day 1 split into 16 lobbies were they will play six games with lobbies being reseeded every two games earning points based on their individual game placements. At the end of the six games, the top 64 players will advance two Day 2 with the top point earners gaining additional “head start” points at the Start of Day 2.

The 64 remaining players from Day 1 will start Day 2 back at zero points except for the the players who earned head start points (Top 24 with one point, top 16 nets two points, and top 8 nets three points). Day 2’s format will be identical to Day 1 with players playing six games with lobbies reseeded after every two games. At the end of the six games, the top 32 players will move onto Day 3 with the 32 other auto-qualifed players.

Day 3, which starts on Saturday October 9th, will follow the same format as Day 1 with the 64 players split into eight lobbies where they will play six games with rotated lobbies. At the end of the six games, the top 32 players will move onto Championship Sunday with the top players getting head start points (Top 12 will get one point, top eight will get two points and top four will get three points.

Day 4 has a slightly altered format. The 32 remaining players will play five games with points reset and after the fifth game, the top 16 players will then play one more game with the top eight players then advancing to one final lobby. Those eight players will then play one final game, no points reset, in order to crown a Noxus Cup champion.

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TFT Noxus Cup Prize Pool

As said previously, The Top 4 players at the Noxus Cup will automatically qualify for the NA TFT Regional Finals as well as take home some cash prizing as well. First place will take $3,500 of the $12,500 total prize pool with the remainder of the top 12 players receiving smaller amounts.

In addition to cash prizing and the automatic invites to the regional finals, Qualifier Points will be rewarded to every player who played in the event.

Notable players and where to watch

Almost every single top player in the NA TFT scene will be present at this event including reigning world champion, Team Liquid’s Rereplay. Speaking of Team Liquid, the organization's TFT team will be out in full force with Robin “Robinsongz” Sung and Alex "Kurumx" Tompkins participating, both are former NA champions.

As for notable players who will need to play in the opening weekend, the field is littered with former world championship competitors including, Rainplosion, Kevin "RamKev" Hu and Daniel "DQA" Li.

While there is no official broadcast on the first weekend of play, many top players will be streaming their own POV’s live on

But on the second weekend, Riot Games will have their official broadcast giving spectators in-depth analysis and commentary as they go from 64 players down to the eventual champion. The official stream kicks off at 1 pm PST on October 7th live on the TeamfightTactics Twitch channel