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Teamfight Tactics Inkborn Fables Battle Pass 1 - Rewards, P

A look at all the things TFT players can earn from the first of two TFT Set 11 Battle Passes including new arenas, Little Legends and more

The 11th Teamfight Tactics expansion is finally here as Inkborn Fables is now out on every live server. And while there are a ton of new features to explore, players will be able to earn exclusive in-game cosmetics through the built-in battle pass. Here is a quick guide on everything players can get in the TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Battle Pass 1.

How the TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Battle Pass 1 works

Credit to Riot Games

Credit to Riot Games

In TFT Set 11, Inkborn Fables, players will actually have about 2 months to complete their battle pass before a new one comes out for the second half of the four-month expansion. Players will automatically earn rewards on the free track as they play games. 

There are 33 levels in the TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Battle Pass+ 1. Just by playing games of TFT, players will earn XP that will help them complete the battle pass. To accelerate this process, there are also a ton of unique missions that will give bonus XP. For example,  by two-starring 40 champions, players will earn 400 extra XP on the battle pass. 

Players can always track how much time in left on the battle pass by clicking into theirs at anytime. Right under where it says "Inkborn Fables Chapter 1" there will be a line that says "event ends in x days". 

Players can also purchase the "Battle Pass+" that gives them premium rewards and can be bought at any time even if they are further along on the free track. 

TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Battle Pass 1 Free Track Rewards

On the free track, players will of course get the exclusive River Sprite skin that is traditionally awarded on the Battle Pass. This time around its Ink Sprite. Players will also earn some emotes and currency along the way. Here is a full breakdown of what every player can earn on the Free Track of the TFT Set 11 Battle Pass 1

  • Ink Sprite
  • 350 Star Shards (which can be used to upgrade Little Legends)
  • 200 Treasure Tokens (which are used to open chests that contain special cosmetics like Tacticians and arenas
  • "It's Art" emote
  • "Token of Appreciation" emote
  • "Moonbeam Blast" emote
  • "Im Good" emote 
  • And the three "chase" emotes which are essentially stretch levels in the Battle Pass. This time around they are Wukong-themed

TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables Battle Pass+ 1 rewards

In addition to everything in the free track, the Battle Pass+ rewards include even more currency but also some new Little Legends and arenas. Here is a breakdown of everything earned in the Battle Pass+ rewards

  • Everything in the free track plus
  • 600 extra Treasure Tokens
  • 200 extra Star Shards
  • Shades of Sky arena
  • Bamboo Shoots boom
  • Ink Squink Little Legend
  • Fans of a Feather boom
  • All Seeing Hundun Little Legend
  • Spirit Blossom Kanmei Dowsie Little Legend
  • Nebulous Hundun Little Legend
  • Dreams of Earth Arena

Essentially, there are two booms, four Little Legends and two arenas exclusive to the Battle Pass+ upgrade. 

The Battle Pass+ costs 1380 RP in the in-client shop with bundles offered that pair the Battle Pass with other cosmetics. One of the Bundles includes Chibi Morgana, two booms and the Battle Pass+ for 5695 RP.