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Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.2 — Light on the Balance, Heavy on New Stuff

TFT Patch 14.2 brings in a ton of new cosmetics and a new game mode while the core game gets some minor touch-ups.

After a massive patch to kick off the new year, Teamfight Tactics is back again with another giant patch but this time, it's not big on the balance changes. Instead, TFT adds a ton of content that players will want to check out.

Brand new Chibi Champions (and cut scenes), a new battle pass and the revival of TFT Set 3.5 kicks off the second half of TFT Set 10. But that doesn't mean the balance changes which include the reworks of two champions should go ignored.

Here are all the changes coming to TFT in Patch 14.2 which goes live on Wednesday, January 24th.

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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Set 3 Gangplank

TFT Patch 14.2 Highlights include

  • Three Brand new Chibi Champions and a new battle pass
  • The Set 3.5 revival
  • Reworks to Urgot and Karthus


There are a ton of changes to the cosmetic department coming in TFT Patch 14.2. For starters, to celebrate the new Lunar Festival event, there will be three brand new mythic-level Chibi Champions coming into the game with the addition of Guqin Sona, Porcelain Lux and Prestiege Dragon Fist Lee Sin.

On top of that, the brand new Battle Pass will be released in TFT Patch 14.2 with a paid and a free version that will give players even more rewards just for playing in games.

And perhaps the low-key most exciting part of the patch is the addition to the cosmetic randomizer. For players that have a closet full of Tactictians, Arenas and Booms, it is probably hard to utilize a lot of them, in TFT Patch 14.2, there is now an option to randomize your loadout before heading into a game using all the cosmetics in your collection.

Set Revival — Galaxies Set 3.5 is Back!!

Also coming in TFT Patch 14.2 is the addition, or revival of a long-time requested feature of being able to play old sets. For a limited time, players will be able to relive TFT: Galaxies in the TFT Set 3.5 revival with some new twists.

All the champions and traits are coming back but with the inclusion of the items and augments from the modern game. There are other fun changes that players will want to explore as the set will be around just for two patches.


Not too many changes in the traits department for TFT Patch 14.2. With the meta in a decent spot the only thing being changed is some Disco and Punk buffs.

  • Disco Attack Speed Per Tick: 5/10/15/20% to 5/8/12/20%
  • Disco Healing Per Tick: 2/3/3/5% to 2/3/3/4%
  • Punk AD: 17/28/42% to 18/30/45%
  • Punk HP: 170/280/420 to 180/300/450
  • Mosher Attack Speed: 20/40/60% to 20/40/70%


There a few big changes in the champion department but none greater than the two champion reworks. The first is the form of Urgot who is getting some much-needed help when it comes to one versus one combat. The other big rework is to Karthus, letting him separate himself from the other AP casters. Instead of benefiting like a traditional mage, Karthus will be an assassin from the backline as he will now scale with crit strike.


  • AD: 45 to 50


  • HP: 650 to 700


  • Spell Base Damage Reduction: 25% to 20%


  • Spell Third Cast Damage: 120/180/280% AP to 150/225/360% AP


  • Ability Damage: 100% AD to 90% AD


  • (REWORK): Now deals 50% bonus damage if his spell only hits 1 target.
  • Spell Damage: 175/175/180% AD + 15/25/40% AP to 160/160/165% AD +


  • Stun duration: 1.5s to 0.75s


  • (REWORKED): Karthus’s ability will now always critically strike if able to.
  • Gains bonus Ability Power based on his Critical Strike Chance
  • No longer gains mana from kills, now gains 30% Ability Power after each cast.
  • Mana: 30/120 to 15/105
  • Ability Damage: 270/405/900 to 175/260/580

Twisted Fate

  • Mana: 30/105 to 30/120
  • Card Damage: 50/75/225 to 45/70/225


Yeah, Twin Terror is being touched a bit in TFT Patch 14.2 but instead of gutting the augment, they are just taking out the power that was being abused for the low-cost executioners. They are instead reinvesting that power into attack speed and health to try and open up other Twin Terror combinations. The Heartsteel augment is getting a change to help with the recent rework as well.

  • Bigger Shot (Big Shot) Damage: 75% AD to 85% AD
  • Heartthrobs (REWORKED): You now gain 20% more Heartsteel Hearts instead of keeping 20% each time you get rewards.
  • Last Stand Bonus Stats: +180 HP, 18 Armor/MR, and 18% Omnivamp to +160 HP, 16
  • Armor/MR, and 16% Omnivamp
  • Submit to the Pit (Mosher) Stats: +3 Armor/MR/AP/AD/AS to +4 Armor/MR/AP/AD/AS
  • Too Big to Fail (Bruiser) Damage: 40% HP to 35% HP
  • Twin Terror I Critical Strike Chance: 25% to 0%
  • Twin Terror I Health: 250 to 350
  • Twin Terror I Attack Speed: 25% to 35%
  • Twin Terror II Critical Strike Chance: 35% to 0%
  • Twin Terror II Health: 350 to 500
  • Twin Terror II Attack Speed: 35% to 50%