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Another patch for Teamfight Tactics comes another hotfix although this time, it was planned before the patch even came out. It was announced on Wednesday, September 27th by Lead Game designer for TFT, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer that TFT Patch 13.19 would be getting a b-patch not because the meta is in a state of emergency, but instead to fix another other issue with the game.

Mortdog mentioned that over the past weekend, they found a game-warping bug that caused the Darkin trait to do a lot more damage than intended specifically with Naafiri. The reason why this was not included in the actual 13.19 patch which was just released on Wednesday was that doing a micropatch after a patch has been finalized but not yet pushed to the liver servers, is a costly expenditure and in this case, the bug was already on the live servers in Patch 13.18 but didn't catch on. This led the team at Riot Games to bank on it going undiscovered until Thursday so they can Instead, opt for a safer B-Patch which is the cause for this update.

This bug isn't the only thing being fixed as it also lets the balance team tinker with some overperformers to keep this patch healthy as the first big event of the TFT Set 9.5 update kicks off this weekend with the Noxus Cup. Samira, Fiora and Cho’Gath get some nerfs while Aphelios and Azir see some small buffs in order to get the meta in a good spot before the big event. There are also a few augment changes as well.

Here is a complete run-down of all the changes in the TFT 13.19 B-Patch which is now live as of the posting of this article.

Soul Fighter Samira skin



  • Damage from Arise! 95/140/500 to 110/160/500


  • Attack damage ratio from chakram attacks: 6/6/15% AD to 7/7/15%


  • Max Mana 30/90 to 40/100


  • Sword Waltz healing: 20% to 15%


  • Attack Damage: 50 to 45


  • Double Trouble 2 and 3: Bonus AD, AP, Armor, and MR: 33/44% to 30/40%
  • Gifts from the Fallen Armor and MR: 4 to 3
  • Long Distance Pals Percent Share: 25% to 22%
  • Stolen Vitality max Health Heal: 1.3% to 1%
  • Tons of Stats Bonus Health: 35 to 44
  • Tons of Stats Bonus Stats: 5 to 4


  • Fixed two critical issues with Naafiri’s Darkin effect: Damage is no longer amplified incorrectly. The damage now uses Naafiri’s items for damage calculations.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to be offered two Lucky Gloves augments at the same time
  • Tiniest Titan+ can no longer be offered in Double Up
  • Twisted Fate Legend correctly offers Teaming Up I on stage 4-2.
  • All tiers of Rising Infamy now require the correct number of barrages to get the first upgrade, and Rising Infamy ++ displays the number correctly.